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  1. lol! another program did the same thing to me too! i was scheduled for an interview way later and received an acceptance email.. it was obviously a mistake *shakes head*
  2. i just received an email saying that i was accepted.. but i never interviewed... must be a mistake?
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/397240243688587/?ref=ts&fref=ts i hope that works!
  4. hi! i interviewed with you!! congrats!:]
  5. i heard from a prior interviewee that last year the applicants were given an anatomy test along with the group interview, individual interview, and essay good luck everyone!!
  6. to anyone who has been accepted & will be attending duke.. i started a FB group.. its "Duke PA Class of 2015".. so please join!! :]
  7. yes, i shadowed two PAs and also scribed at the ER for a bunch of PAs
  8. i interviewed nov 12.. what about you BApp? i guess i'll start a FB group?
  9. Hello, Wanted to start a thread for those of us accepted for the upcoming class! I know classes start August but I am already super excited! (and need to find a roommate too!)
  10. finallly.......... :] i am updating my old post!! Undergrad Ed School: New York University Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.44 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.1 Age at application time : 22 GRE: Math: 165, 92% Verbal: 158, 77% Writing: 4.0 Direct Patient Care: 3000+ hours as medical assistant at urgent care center Schools Applied: Duke, Emory, Tufts, Anne Arundel CC, GWU, Albany, Cornell, LIU, PCOM, Barry, Pace, Arcadia Application Submitted Date: August 2012 Interview Invites: Duke, Tufts, GWU, Barry, Anne Arundel CC Denied: Pace, Arcadia, Tufts Withdrew Application: will withdraw from everywhere else Waitlisted: Accepted: DUKE!!!!!! my first choice and i will definitely be going here!! i never imagined that i would get even an interview to Duke but I fell in LOVE with the program especially after the interview and meeting all the faculty and students. i was worried about my GPA being on the lower side, but i assure you, you can do it!! i could not wait for this day to come and i am so excited that i will be attending DUKE in the fall!!
  11. hello! i interviewed last week and got my acceptance today!! congrats to everyone else who got accepted!!:] @lozzanc.. i think they interview until february so you still have a lot of time
  12. i received it in the mail yesterday! it didn't really say anything in additional to the email that was sent. see u guys there!
  13. i interviewed last week and LOVED the program and have been anxiously waiting to hear back :[ hopefully they will contact us all soon since today was the last session congrats to everyone who got accepted so far!
  14. For the informal meet up, did a lot of students bring significant others?? Or is it better to go alone??
  15. i work as a medical assistant and i did not receive any formal training from a program. some offices will hire you and train you so you do not need certification but if you are seeking certification, you should just do the certificate program because that's what most offices require.. and then you would have to take the cerification test if you are planning on going to PA school, you won't need an associates
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