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  1. Hi PAradmed... just seeing this now. Wondering how it's going for you. I've been in rad onc for just about 2 years now.... I've been very fortunate to have a team who has taken a lot of my input in developing my current position along the way, as I'm their first PA. We're hiring a second APP soon... So in preparation of adding this position we've been working to redefine... or perhaps just more completely define... the PA/NP role and the role of the nursing staff, etc. Obviously we don't see consults completely independently, write XRT prescriptions, and so on.... so initially it was a challenge to get to a place where I felt autonomous enough. But I it's definitely do-able... just challenging. PAs are relatively new to the XRT world. Would love to hear your experience thus far... Kate
  2. Just wondering if there are any PAs out there involved with superficial radiation therapy (SRT) in a dermatology practice... if so, what is your has been your experience? How are you involved?
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