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  1. So it looks like to the best way to find the page is to put the email UTPA2013@gmail.com in the search for facebook and you will find it or just email me at that email address and I will friend request you. Thanks, Ash
  2. email me at utpa2013@gmail.com if you can't find the page and give me your name on facebook and I will friend request you from the UTPA PACLASS, bare with me, I will eventually figure this out.:smile:
  3. TRY UTPA PACLASS (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME) FOR THE FACEBOOK PAGE PUT IN FOR A FRIEND REQUEST. I am trying to work this page out so it is not connected to one person, sorry for the glitch.
  4. UTPA PA class 2013 on Facebook, we must have 25 people to like the group.
  5. Ok y'all I started a facebook page for all of us that will be attending in the fall. The name of the group is UTPA PA Class 2013. Hope y'all join so we can start to get to know one another. Ash
  6. Hello Y'all. Just got my acceptance letter in the mail today and I am so excited! Just wanted to get something started for those of us who will be starting in the fall :) cant wait to hear back and congrats!
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