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  1. NewGradLyn - I'm a new grad as well. Awesome job negotiating! Do you have any tips to share?
  2. Congrats! I've heard that their interviews are relatively relaxed, nothing wacky, and they really just want to get to know you and hear why you want to be a PA. Good luck!
  3. I heard that they're doing interviews through February, but am wondering if those interviewees have already been contacted to schedule the interview? I submitted my CASPA application in mid-September and my last contact with ODU was just after the end of Fall semester when I sent them an email updating two "in-progress" classes to "completed". (I got a reply saying that they don't accept updates during the application process.) I am waitlisted at Marietta and things are up in the air with Kettering, where I interviewed just before Thanksgiving. I also applied to Mt. Union, but was rejec
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