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  1. Hello, My name is Ben George. You had mentioned in a previous blog that you are quite familiar with the UND PA program. I am a prospective student and would like to connect with you for some advice. Please feel free to contact me at 972-974-2993 or benoyusa@gmail.com if possible. Thank you for your kind consideration.

  2. whoa am gonna PM the OP as I have heard a lot of S@#$ about a certain program and because of it have switched over to MD...if accepted, will be 54 when graduating...not gonna quit you motherfers
  3. Moiraiane57, You are absolutely right, why on earth would I want to reapply there? Yes they sure are closeminded, but, with children under the age of 10, this is the closest program for me, its only 400 miles away, the next 4 prorgrams are 700 miles away. THis would be a second career for me, I have 23 solid years of health care experience and I have been dead set on becoming a PA for 4 years but have not been successful in getting in. 3 times. I have a 3.4 from a well-respected private college and numerous awards in my field. My post-grad GPA is 4.0. My LOR are top notch. I have shadowed 15 PAs for 8-24 hours each. I have written LOR and done mock interviews for current PA students who are just out of under grad, who were accepted at other schools, not this one. Call me an idiot or a very stubborn girl who won't give up.
  4. A school I applied to denied me because "there are no repeats in PA school": I got a C in a pre-req while going thru a personal issue and immediately retook the course the next semester and got an A. In my personal statement for next year's re-application, the advice is to give 2 sentences regarding the poor grade. Is something like: My desire to return to school to become a PA required me to repeat an upper level biology course within a 5 year time frame. After a 19 year post-baccalaureate career with full time experience, I completed this requirement but did not excel with a top notch grade, due to personal issues related to my family. After appropriate intervention, I immediately repeated the course and obtained the top grade in the class. While class repeats are surely not allowed in PA school, I learned in this short 16 weeks the importance of prioritizing my lifestyle with what is expected in a highly competitive PA program; 110% committment and follow through.
  5. I know 6 RDs and are now PAs. None of them have kept their RD license. As you will find when you spend some time reading previous posts on this forum and research the schools you're interested in, each school varies with their pre-requisities and years of experience and type of experience. Very UNLIKE the dietetics curriculum, where, whichever school we go to, we all have had the same classes. As far as getting your MS in dietetics, if you've already started, then I guess finish it. Having an MS doesn't make you have any greater advantage over another candidate from what I've read on here. In my opinion, of course I'm 44 so consider the age factor (!) if I were 23-24 again, and interested in becoming a PA, and currently enrolled in an MS dietetics program, I would quit the MS program immediately to save cash and finish up any pre-requesities for PA and apply for PA school asap. Of course, there are many many other thiings I would have done differently too....ha ha There are some dietitians on this forum who are at your stage, thinking about becoming a PA, look for their posts and PM them! While I have provided shadowing and interning experences for about 25 potential or soon-to-be RDs in my career, and every single one of them said "I want to do exactly what you do" (I had an awesome job as a wellness director for a large healthcare system) I will NEVER take an RD student again, based on the 5 RD jobs I've had to where we relocated to....but after I'm done with PA school, I can't wait to have students shadow or intern with me for PA career potentials!
  6. Briana, there are tons of RDs who become PAs. One school told me RDs are the 3rd to the number of RTs and RNs who become PAs. I have been an RD for 21 years. After a relocation to a different state and a long story, I am going to a a PA too!
  7. Yes, I have personal friends who I wrote LOR for, of those disciplines. Oh yeah one more, a Certified Athletic Trainer. I pretty much know the inside out, upside down about their program, if you want to PM me we can talk.
  8. No thats not right. They accept nearly anybody with a license as a health professional, and 3 years full time experience in that feld. They have accepted respiratory therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, dietitians for example.
  9. There are several of us registered dietitians on this forum that are in school or waiting to be accepted.
  10. My advice, don't put it on there if it is expired. That is the reason I was denied entry into a program. Even though I had already paid the $450 fee to renew the certification via exam the month after the CASPA deadline for that school. UGH.
  11. I have also applied to the distance program, as I am unable to relocate our family.
  12. Thank you, everybody for your kind and thoughtful responses. As a very emotional pre-menopausal girl the whole mother thing sort of tugs at my heart. You guys are all so smart and keep the emotional side separate from the facts. I have a lot to learn. First of all, though, I gotta get accepted. Trying for the 3rd time in a row this year, to the one and only school that I can go to. We'll see if the door is opened for me this last attempt. Thanks!
  13. Just Steve, was wondering where you were? Is the blog somewhere else? You are in clinical rotations now, right? Hope all is well!
  14. I have been offered a full time job with 100% paid PA program tuition by my former employer, a large healthcare system where I worked for 17 years. Our family relocated 4 years ago to a different state. If I were to take this wonderful opportunity, I would need to drive 3 hours one way on Sunday evenings, stay for the week, and drive 3 hours home on Friday evenings. We have children ages 8 and 10, and it would be a difficult thing as a family to decide if they should come with me, stay here with their dad, and of course, the ultimate question, is it really worth the sacrifice to break the family apart - at what cost does career come before, or after, family. In the western part of the state I live in, North Dakota, there is a huge population boom due to the wonderful oil jobs. Five small towns, two of them with hospitals and three of them with clinics, cannot keep up with the demand of services for healthcare. They are desparate for nurses, techs and at present, they are desparately recruiting for family practice physicians. I have proposed to them, hiring PAs, like myself, with a similar deal-they pay my PA program tuition. The incentive for me going to Western ND, as opposed to my former employer's offer, is that there are daily flights to these tiny towns from the city I live in. In the proposal, I included the need to fly me in and out on a daily basis so I can be home with my family in the evening. I suggested they consider doing this for several of their open positions (nurses, techs, etc.) Do any of you reading this have other ideas or things you would suggest I consider if I am given the opportunity to further negotiate? Thank you.
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