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  1. Hi everyone I'm going to try this again. I found a house on the island and there are two rooms available for rent at 600+utilities. The rooms are not furnished. The house is very clean I saw a few houses and they all pretty much have the same layout. The ad is on the tustudentlife website and the ad number is 527. The name of the girl that manages the house is Susan and is PA student herself. The house is being rented out to females only. Wish everyone luck in finding a place!
  2. Hi Ani I'm Martha and I am coming from LA area I live in Pico Rivera. I am looking to find a room as well. I actually have emailed a few houses on Mare Island. From what I have read it's safer to either he on the island or places like Benicia. If you were to find a house and rent could be 500-600 that would be awesome.
  3. Hey Yelena! I have not gotten confirmation of payment yet and I sent my payment last week. I also requested to join the Facebook page but I have not been added. I emailed Irene.Favreau@tu.edu she gave me a list of the rent companies out there and recommended some surrounding area of Vallejo and cities that are safe and that other students have enjoyed. I'm looking into American Canyon or Benicia. I am coming from Pico Rivera.
  4. mescay I interviewed on March 11th. I didn't get the letter until exactly a month later!
  5. I found out yesterday that they are closed until tomorrow for Passover so they will probably call us back tomorrow
  6. Thanks. I am from Pico Rivera but all my life I've lived in Whittier. If you are talking about the NHSC scholarship you better get on it fast because it's due May 15th and there are a lot of things you have to submit. I am applying to it too. It's a great option and hope I can get it. I too and aggressively looking at scholarships and exploring the surrounding areas of Vallejo.
  7. I just got my acceptance letter yesterday!! I also have had trouble trying to pay and emailed the same address last night and today and still have not gotten the issue resolved. I am also looking into where to live and am trying to apply for the bridge program which begins before classes start. Look forward to meeting you all and congrats!! I have heard that Benicia is a relatively better place to stay than in Vallejo or on the island. Thanks deeg for the links. Martha Rea
  8. @mmtpa meaning that they will decide who is accepted, rejected or waitlisted for that batch. They have been accepting, rejecting and waitlisting people since October.
  9. Got an email from Naisha that the final decisions would be made this week so the letters will be going out this Friday for March 11th interviews! I want to know already!!!
  10. March 11th interviewees have you heard anything yet? I'm still anxiouslyl waiting.
  11. I am interviewing March 11th and I am staying at Best Western that is on the same street as the Marriot. I am arriving on Sunday and am going to make the drive over to the campus on Monday morning to get a feel for the drive because we do have to get across the bridge. I plan on seeing how long it will take me to get to the campus by 8am since we have to be there at 8:30 Tuesday morning. If anyone plans on being on campus on Monday morning let me know so we can meet :) I am excited and nervous for Tuesday!
  12. I am also interviewing March 11th WCKAO, I will see you there. I don't recall if I responded earlier to a question about when I submitted my application. I sent my supplemental app on 11/30 and my deadline was December 6th. My application was considered complete on December 6th and I received an invitation to interview on January 23rd. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.
  13. I submitted my supplemental the the last week of November and my application was considered complete December 6th.
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