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  1. In posing the question, I was curious for something in depth. It is obvious that career gender balance has become more representative of the population within the traditionally male, salary oriented fields, which it should. Just look at a lot of medical schools, law schools, and Ph.D programs. They demonstrate close to 50/50. Instead, why do you think most P.A. schools are seeing a sharp decline in male representation. Is it something intrinsic to the career? Assistant title? Friends influencing their friends to take the route? I think EMEDPA's comment closes in on the issue with the maj
  2. Being new to this forum, I'm not sure if this issue has been raised. I was recently admitted to a PA program in the midwest, and I currently live an area that doesn't have many practicing PA's to get a good representative sample. As a pre-PA male, I have noticed a significant shift over the years in the career becoming predominately female. My incoming student PA class is around 10-15 percent male, and so is my local universities. I know someone is always bound to take gender discussion too serious, so I'll keep my question as benign as possible. What are your takes on why more and more gradua
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