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  1. Access to full Kaplan Qbank till February 2015. Please let me know if your are interested in purchasing from me. Great resource for studying, I used qbank and CME resources review and passed boards! Thank you
  2. Can anyone comment on their experience with Kaplan Qbank and NCCPA practice exams with correlation to passing the pance or pance scores? I am scoring in green bar (far left of green) and ranging from 37% to 85% on Qbank. Averaging about 54% with only completing 33% of 1200 questions available thus far. Attended CME course and fell within average on one practice exam and below average on another. Opinions welcome and encouraged! Thank you
  3. Looking for PA,MD,DO,ARNP preceptor in South Florida area. Specifically Ortho Surgery, ED, Peds, Psych, Geriatric, Gen Surgery Thank you!
  4. I am looking for a preceptor for Peds and Women's Health in the South Florida area. Thank you
  5. I sent my supp. in about a month ago and no word back. I guess thats a No!! Anyone take that long to hear back?
  6. I sent my supp. in about a month ago and no word back. I guess thats a No!! Anyone take that long to hear back?
  7. Was your check cashed? Mine was mailed later that week, the 16th and have yet to hear... Patiently waiting!! Gluck
  8. They do not accept GRE scores unless they are self reported. Meaning Put into your CASPA. The process is stated on their website. Good Luck!
  9. Does anyone know how the secondary goes? Does everyone who gets a secondary also interview?
  10. Congrats!! Where is everyone coming from? Let's make a Facebook group. I'm not sure how but I can try?
  11. Are we all out of state! I still have some questions that I need answered maybe some of you have answers that I didn't get on my interview day?? 1. How do rotations work? We pick our own. Are we allowed to do out of state or international? I know Kentucky is not PA friendly so I'd rather do as many as I could out of state... 2. Dress code for lecture? 3. When do classes start in January
  12. Lilfontaine, Thank you!!! I meAn what would be a thought provoking question? Just trying to get a grip if it's behavioral where they ask you scenarios ? Thank you
  13. ayrease, Where are you located? Im trying to judge if I need to run home at 245 when my mail arrives!
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