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  1. Does anyone know if any rejections are going out? Or how full the December interview dates are? Thanks!
  2. A big congrats to those who interviewed! Would anyone mind sharing your stats and when you submitted your CASPA? Feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  3. Congrats to those have been accepted! Has anyone not received a CASPA confirmation or been rejected? I haven't heard anything yet! Submitted 7/26
  4. For the supplemental essay questions, are schools looking for stories that demonstrate experience or more straight forward answers? I'd be very grateful for any feedback on my answer to this question. Do you think I am answering their question? Thanks in advance! In one- two paragraphs, what is your greatest potential contribution to the class? I believe my broad exposure from my role as an assistant to ER physicians will allow me to contribute greatly. I have learned how to elicit a detailed history from the patient, record pertinent data, and perform routine procedures such
  5. It may seem like an obvious question but, how advantageous is it to have a letter from a PA? I work side by side with MDs and have only shadowed PAs. I have heard some schools say they'd like to see a PA, academic and supervisor but I would also think its important to have someone who knows you best. Is this something that is specific for each school? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  6. thanks all for your opinions!! I'm not so concerned whether schools will accept online classes especially since they're not pre-reqs. My feeling was it's a better experience to be in a classroom and it may (or may not) show schools my dedication to PA school.
  7. @EMEDPA - thanks! unfortunately, my local CC doesn't offer any advanced sciences except for Genetics and it's only slightly more expensive to take them at Berkeley. CC is over $200 a credit. Yes, I would have to find some pt job out there.. I agree, I like the interaction of the classroom. @benny32311 - coincidently Berkeley offers all these classes under one roof. And these are classes I would take in person; hence my considering moving out there. Do you think it would have any positive effect on my application? Possibly show determination?
  8. I am going back and forth on this decision and I would so love any input from you! I know this comes down to a personal decision but I’d love to hear what you would do if you were in my shoes. Background info: -Graduated in 2008 with BA in Psych, I’ve taken all of the pre-req’s post bac with the exception of Genetics, Gen Chem II and Biochem -All pre req’s were above a B+, with the exception of GenChem C+, and Orgo: C (chemistry is not strong suit) and statistics I took in my undergrad years and got a: C -I have over 2000 hours of awesome HCE -and regardless of what I do...I will
  9. @paadmissions - you were so helpful last time I thought I'd ask you one more question. I love this thread and can't thank you enough for being so generous with your time! My undergrad is in psych and it was a lousy gpa. So in attempt to show adcoms I can do this, I'm going above the necessary pre reqs. Which of the following would you like to see on a transcript? I will already have pathophysiology, bio of cancer, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, and pharmacogy but I want to add more. Thank you for your input!! -physiology of cardiac and respiratory -virology -parasitology -HIV
  10. Are there any out of state applicants who got an interview/ were accepted? If so, would you mind sharing stats? Thanks!
  11. Hi Paadmissions, How do schools verify HCE hours? Is it done w/ the background check? I want to put down some work I did a couple years ago however I can't remember the dates (give or take by a month). Also do you think a B- in A&P2 should be repeated or is it acceptable? (other pre-req's are B+/A-) Thanks so much for your time! This is a great thread!
  12. I'm a scribe but I also do vitals, blood draw, EKG, urine analysis, splinting..to name a few. So yes I did count this because it is hands on. I suppose it would depend on what exactly your responsibilities are.
  13. ... What about Harvard extension? Anyone with experience there?
  14. I'm getting very mixed reviews on the uc Berkeley extension classes. I'm looking for a school that has all the advanced sciences ( biochem, genetics, immuno, cell biolog, pharmacology) in one location and uc Berkeley seems to be thr only school that has all that. Can anyone provide any feedback about these online classes, or suggestions of other schools that offer them? Thanks!
  15. Bump.. Anyone have any suggestions for an online -inexpensive: cell biology? embryology immunology ( I've heard not so great things about UC Berkley's) pharmacology (I'm thinking of doing UND if you have any feedback about that) epidemiology biochemistry (other then UNE - too expensive) ...or any other upper level science you took and loved. Also any feedback Bout any of the uc Berkeley online classes? Thanks!
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