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  1. yes you must RSVP. There's info for the online RSVP form on here: https://www.facebook.com/events/803147103120147/
  2. I just graduated and they told me everyone applying THIS year will need a bachelor's degree. Stanford will completely take over likely next year (if i recall correctly) and it will become far more competitive (and much more expensive). So if you can now, apply this year!! good luck! fyi, there's a facebook page where they sometimes post info for potential applicants: https://www.facebook.com/stanfordpaprogram/
  3. oyyy!! financial aid - pain in the freaking a**. the info session we received during orientation really didn't help at all and I think it left us with more questions than answers. So you pretty much just figure it out with your classmates. I heard lots of frustration from classmates with the Foothill financial aid office because they didn't answer calls or return messages promptly. What makes things difficult is that we don't apply for financial aid through stanford, but through foothill college - a community college. Some of us took out loans through wells fargo, but they only give you about 15k per year since foothill is a community college and they don't understand or care that you need about 7,500 *per* quarter. you can also go through Sallie Mae and they will pretty much give you whatever you want but interest rates with them are a little higher even when a great credit score. So i took the wellfargo option that helped cover summer and fall quarter. I got about 10,500 from sub and unsub fed loans. and the bog waiver C for around 900 for those first two quarters. Now in January a lot of us started the master's program through St.Francis University so we could then qualify for more federal aid and the grad plus loan. Winter quarter started the first week of january...I barely this week just received my refund from St.Francis University so now I can pay Foothill college. Other classmates have yet to see their refund from St Francis. It's just a mess. quite frustrating. I've heard during the last quarter you then go through foothill college for your financial aid again....but I'm not sure. I'll figure it out when I get there. But, you can't beat the total cost of tuition since once Stanford begins their PA masters program the price will jump sky high. Sorry for the rant, lol, but just being honest :) good luck!,
  4. I interviewed with two faculty and they just go over your file with you. They just want to get to know you better and make sure you know about the profession. After that we were asked to complete a writing portion of the interview. I think it all took maybe an hour and a half, it all went by really fast. But I'm not sure if they are changing things up this year.
  5. hey guys! I applied last year and my letter in the mail got delayed/lost/whatever and so I ended up getting an email saying since I hadn't responded to the letter they were emailing about the invite to interview – exactly ONE WEEK before the interview date. That day i said yes, booked my flight and the following week i flew up in the AM, interviewed at 1pm and flew back that night. I interviewed the very last week of January. 50/150 applicants sounds about right, at least that’s what I've heard. So...I would say check both your email and mailboxes, just in case. GOOD LUCK! :)
  6. I think if you got a call you're good! Call first thing on monday. I got the call and he couldn't hear me because I had crappy cell signal, so he hung up. I was like noo!! So i ran outside to try to improve my signal. He called again about a minute later.
  7. I got an email yesterday with the invitation....stating since I hadn't responded to their letter in the mail they had to contact me via email. I still haven't received that letter via mail dated from Jan 13th. So i have one week to plan my trip up to there...yay.... i'm scheduled for jan 29th.
  8. i got my invite yesterday. i selected January 24th.
  9. i submitted by app on the 27th and received the confirmation email early today at like 6am...so 4 days later.
  10. yep lots of them....i'm saving those until i'm done with everything else. I'm working on tweaking my resume. not sure if i should use the CV style or a traditional resume format...decisions, decisions. :)
  11. I got mine also earlier today! :) I hope I'm wrong...but a little part of me thinks they send the invite to everyone so they can collect $80 from all the applicants. Regardless, I'm glad I got the invite! :)
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