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  1. I have decided to pay off my loans asap due to debt anxiety and wanting financial freedom. I bought Dave Ramseys book and mostly following his method except that I am putting 20 percent into my ira. I started with 96k 10 months ago and now have 44k. I created a budget. Spending 200 dollars a month on groceries (for 3), cut the cable, drive a 9 year old car. Have a 200 dollar clothing budget for the year. We live off of my fiance's salary of about 50k per year with a 1400/month mortgage. Its caused a lot of stress in our relationship but I am halfway there and trying to push through. Anyone else doing this?
  2. I work in FP -office only and take call for the practice 1 week/month. My SP also sees assisted living patients and is now wanting me to take calls from there also. He told me that I do not need privileges since it "isn't like a hospital" and that the private practice providers can take calls from the nursing home. I am pretty sure this isn't correct however, I can't find anything online to support that I need privileges to give verbal orders for patients at an assisted living when I am on call. I did not sign anything- in terms of paperwork/privileges when I was hired as I was told would not be seeing assisted living patient.
  3. hospitalist/internal medicine position with a physician group contracted to nearby hospitals Offer is 85k with M-F from 8:30 am to 5pm with one weekend per month 75% of the time would be in the hospital- rounding on 15 pts a day (8 hrs) and includes admissions / other 25% would be in the nursing home. Benefits include health insurance, vision, dental, but would be around a little over 100 dollars per month just for myself. Vacation is 2 weeks with a week of CME and 1,000 towards CMEs. Three days are paid sick days. 401k is 6% match. They will NOT pay acls/bls, license renewal or DEA. I have about a year experience between hospitalist and emergency medicine. I worked for this company before. I left because as a new grad I was given $72,000 and expected to work one weekend a month ( In this case would do 10 consecutive days) and round on 15-20 people a day and do admissions in 8 hr days. There is no solicitation within so many miles for a year after the contract is terminated. Also, the physician can dictate call with no extra compensation. I enjoyed working with this physician in this group before and he asked me to come onboard again and work for him instead. He stated that I could do 50% nursing home, would get a sign on bonus and an incentive pay of 5-10k and I could do four tens in the hospital instead. However, NONE of this was in the contract. I was sent a contract above with details listed above and told to sign and send back. I emailed the girl back (who happened to be an admin) and said that this is not what I agreed to and tried to negotiate a higher salary because there was no sign on and bonus which I was told prior. The physician txted me and said I went "nuclear" and that the email was forwarded to the CEO and senior partners and that I went "above him and everything is negotiated." Well, how am I suppose to negotiate when I was told to sign a contract and return? He told me that he was too busy to look at the contract and that I should have went to him first. He told the sign on bonus and incentive pay would be in a different agreement. Is this very shady behavior? I am wondering if they were trying to lock me in a legal binding agreement hoping I wouldn't read it? Not sure what to do now. He makes it sound like my offer will be rescinded. However, I was not nasty in anyway and was just trying to point out that the contract was different from what I was told. I am new to negotiating so advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I did have a provider there working along with me, however, he did not want to answer my questions because he was too busy.
  5. I left my last job after I worked one shift. I have 6 MO experience as a hospitalist and then obtained a new job. When I got there, there was only computer training and my first shift I had 11 pts and then 3 admissions. I was completely overwhelmed as I never had pts completely to myself ( the doc wouldn't be seeing them or looking at my notes) I had two really sick ppl and the doc wouldn't even answer my questions about them. So I quit after one day. How do I explain this to a potential employer?
  6. I gave the first number since they asked what I wanted and then they said 75K is the best they can do and told me to let them know if I will accept. I then asked the average bonus amount a PA/NP receives and I am still waiting a response.
  7. Rural area in Pennsylvania. Near several PA programs, however, I found out that this office has been looking for a PA for awhile now.
  8. I have 6 months of experience as a hospitalist. Family practice offer: Hours - 40-50 per week. 9-5 for four days and 1 day 12- 8. Also, within those hours would be nursing homes if needed. Call with call phone 1:4 for weekends. 2 year contracted position and a 2 year non compete clauses within 30 miles after contract ends. base salary of 75,000K plus bonus incentive clause- during each 12 month period of employment, will receive bonus equal to 20 percent of collections in that period from services rendered by me in excess of 2 times the sum of base salary and business expenses and benefits. 3 wks vacation ( 15 days paid vacation, 2 sick days, 1 holiday) 500 for CMF Practice pays 300 /month toward health/dental/and vision insurance 401 after1 year of employment I can't decide if this is a fair offer. On average, how much do family practice PAs bring to the practice if they see about 20-25 pts per day?
  9. I have a job interview next week and would appreciate some advice. I have a job now as a hospitalist with 5 months experience (including ICU), however the pay is only 70,000. I am terrible at interviews and it took me 8 or 9 interviews before I got a job as a new grad. This job would be a hospitalist position. The workload is half- 10-13 pts. with 12 hour shifts 7 days on, 7 off compared to my job now is m-f 8-5 with one weekend seeing 15-20 pts a day. Also the pay is not based on experience and will be almost double my salary. The position is also only 10 minutes from my house. Need help because I can't blow this interview. thanks.
  10. Hello, I don't know where to start. First off, I was offered a job as a hospitalist for only 70,000 a year. I did not start the day i was suppose to d/t an error made by hr even though the day is stated in my employment aggreement. This cost me 3 wks pay. I started in sept. I was expected to round independently and come up with plans/orders for the icu, floors and rehab pts. I am a new grad! Right now (2.5 months of experience) I see about 20 ppl per day for 5 days a week. I round for 8 hrs straight! I am expected to work one weekend a month so I sometimes work 10 days in a row til my next day off!!! My attending sees both hospitals and when the census is low I also see both! NO break at all on low census days. One time I saw 27 ppl. Is this normal to be burnt out already or feel this way as a new grad? I am ready to quit.
  11. Sam I am, you are definitely correct. I live in a supersaturated area and it took me 7 months to obtain a job offer. What is worse is that I have no guidance at all! I was hired as a hospitalist PA, however I take care of really sick people in the ICU also because the hospital does not have intensivists. My first day of the job, I was told to go to the hospital and start seeing pts in the ICU by myself! The only training I got was computer training and I shadowed an NP for 5 days. Most of my classmates accepted the first job they could get because they were also having trouble. I would try to network as much as you can. If you keep getting rejected (lets say after the first 3-4 interviews) then I would take the first job offer you receive. Six months experience is better than nothing even if you don't like the position or feel it won't be a good fit. Once you get experience, it will be much easier.
  12. I have an interview this Friday. I currently do not have my employer listed on my resume, however I have a large gap (1 yr) due to taking time off from school and travelling Europe and then waiting 3.5 months to get credentialed. Should I mention this employer as part of the reason for the gap but do not identify them? Or should I not mention them at all.
  13. I accepted my first job as a PA hospitalist in May. I signed a "written agreement" which states my start date for August 3rd. I went in for training for the first week as the hospital's credentialing meeting was not until the following week. So, the private group I work for had me come in for a week for training. Two days ago, I was told that the actual board meeting wasn't until the end of the month and now I can't start until September, however even though I am a salaried employee they will only compensate me for the 48 hours ( 6 days) that I worked so far. They said that they won't change my "contract" so that I can get the raise next August. I quit my previous job as an emt and now have no income until probably the middle of September. Not only am I losing thousands of dollars, my supervising physician stated that now he would like me to do more weekends (it is in my written agreement that I work every third weekend of the month) and stay longer if it is busy- (I am M-F 8 hr days) I already had to negotiate prior to accepting the job for two days off the following week after I work the third weekend every month, otherwise I would be working 12 consecutive days and only having 4 days off a month; all for a salary of only 72,000. It states in my agreement that my schedule including hours may change according to the physicians schedule. Please help. I am not sure what to do.
  14. EMS can NOT pronounce death. They can "confirm" a class five, but can not pronounce death..they must request the coroner.
  15. If you had an awesome rotation please post below that name of the clincinal site. I am looking to learn and want sites that have few residents preferably in PA or surrounding states. Thanks!!!!
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