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  1. I have been unemployed for the past 7 months and I have my first interview this week after months of no success. My first job I was employed as a hospitalist PA, however, the title of "Scribe" would be more accurate. I left 6 months in for another rural hospitalist PA job which was the complete opposite. No training. Had 13 patients my first day with no help from the other hospitalist doc on that day. The PAs at this hopsital managed the patients on their own with no conversing with the doc about admission plan or tx plan for any of the patients. I left and started an ER job 5 months later
  2. I have decided to pay off my loans asap due to debt anxiety and wanting financial freedom. I bought Dave Ramseys book and mostly following his method except that I am putting 20 percent into my ira. I started with 96k 10 months ago and now have 44k. I created a budget. Spending 200 dollars a month on groceries (for 3), cut the cable, drive a 9 year old car. Have a 200 dollar clothing budget for the year. We live off of my fiance's salary of about 50k per year with a 1400/month mortgage. Its caused a lot of stress in our relationship but I am halfway there and trying to push through. Anyone e
  3. I work in FP -office only and take call for the practice 1 week/month. My SP also sees assisted living patients and is now wanting me to take calls from there also. He told me that I do not need privileges since it "isn't like a hospital" and that the private practice providers can take calls from the nursing home. I am pretty sure this isn't correct however, I can't find anything online to support that I need privileges to give verbal orders for patients at an assisted living when I am on call. I did not sign anything- in terms of paperwork/privileges when I was hired as I was told would n
  4. hospitalist/internal medicine position with a physician group contracted to nearby hospitals Offer is 85k with M-F from 8:30 am to 5pm with one weekend per month 75% of the time would be in the hospital- rounding on 15 pts a day (8 hrs) and includes admissions / other 25% would be in the nursing home. Benefits include health insurance, vision, dental, but would be around a little over 100 dollars per month just for myself. Vacation is 2 weeks with a week of CME and 1,000 towards CMEs. Three days are paid sick days. 401k is 6% match. They will NOT pay acls/bls, license renewal or DEA
  5. I did have a provider there working along with me, however, he did not want to answer my questions because he was too busy.
  6. I left my last job after I worked one shift. I have 6 MO experience as a hospitalist and then obtained a new job. When I got there, there was only computer training and my first shift I had 11 pts and then 3 admissions. I was completely overwhelmed as I never had pts completely to myself ( the doc wouldn't be seeing them or looking at my notes) I had two really sick ppl and the doc wouldn't even answer my questions about them. So I quit after one day. How do I explain this to a potential employer?
  7. I gave the first number since they asked what I wanted and then they said 75K is the best they can do and told me to let them know if I will accept. I then asked the average bonus amount a PA/NP receives and I am still waiting a response.
  8. Rural area in Pennsylvania. Near several PA programs, however, I found out that this office has been looking for a PA for awhile now.
  9. I have 6 months of experience as a hospitalist. Family practice offer: Hours - 40-50 per week. 9-5 for four days and 1 day 12- 8. Also, within those hours would be nursing homes if needed. Call with call phone 1:4 for weekends. 2 year contracted position and a 2 year non compete clauses within 30 miles after contract ends. base salary of 75,000K plus bonus incentive clause- during each 12 month period of employment, will receive bonus equal to 20 percent of collections in that period from services rendered by me in excess of 2 times the sum of base salary and busin
  10. I have a job interview next week and would appreciate some advice. I have a job now as a hospitalist with 5 months experience (including ICU), however the pay is only 70,000. I am terrible at interviews and it took me 8 or 9 interviews before I got a job as a new grad. This job would be a hospitalist position. The workload is half- 10-13 pts. with 12 hour shifts 7 days on, 7 off compared to my job now is m-f 8-5 with one weekend seeing 15-20 pts a day. Also the pay is not based on experience and will be almost double my salary. The position is also only 10 minutes from my house. Need h
  11. Hello, I don't know where to start. First off, I was offered a job as a hospitalist for only 70,000 a year. I did not start the day i was suppose to d/t an error made by hr even though the day is stated in my employment aggreement. This cost me 3 wks pay. I started in sept. I was expected to round independently and come up with plans/orders for the icu, floors and rehab pts. I am a new grad! Right now (2.5 months of experience) I see about 20 ppl per day for 5 days a week. I round for 8 hrs straight! I am expected to work one weekend a month so I sometimes work 10 days in a row til
  12. Sam I am, you are definitely correct. I live in a supersaturated area and it took me 7 months to obtain a job offer. What is worse is that I have no guidance at all! I was hired as a hospitalist PA, however I take care of really sick people in the ICU also because the hospital does not have intensivists. My first day of the job, I was told to go to the hospital and start seeing pts in the ICU by myself! The only training I got was computer training and I shadowed an NP for 5 days. Most of my classmates accepted the first job they could get because they were also having trouble. I woul
  13. I have an interview this Friday. I currently do not have my employer listed on my resume, however I have a large gap (1 yr) due to taking time off from school and travelling Europe and then waiting 3.5 months to get credentialed. Should I mention this employer as part of the reason for the gap but do not identify them? Or should I not mention them at all.
  14. I accepted my first job as a PA hospitalist in May. I signed a "written agreement" which states my start date for August 3rd. I went in for training for the first week as the hospital's credentialing meeting was not until the following week. So, the private group I work for had me come in for a week for training. Two days ago, I was told that the actual board meeting wasn't until the end of the month and now I can't start until September, however even though I am a salaried employee they will only compensate me for the 48 hours ( 6 days) that I worked so far. They said that they won't cha
  15. EMS can NOT pronounce death. They can "confirm" a class five, but can not pronounce death..they must request the coroner.
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