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  1. I liked Surgical Secrets, but really liked Surgical Recall... I liked the format of Recall a little better and it made it easier to get to the quick and dirty. I also had the EM Secrets book and I liked that one better than EM Blueprints. Overall, Secrets is a good series, but here and there you'll find better options (like I did with the surgery ones.) Good luck!
  2. tjvick, We're also taking EOR exams from the PAEA, but haven't gotten a lot of feedback as to what scores are acceptable. Do you happen to know what the averages are on these exams or what your school considers passing? Our school is using them for the first time so I don't know what is considered a good grade, I just know I've passed them all up to this point! haha THanks!
  3. tjvick, We're also taking EOR exams from the PAEA, but haven't gotten a lot of feedback as to what scores are acceptable. Do you happen to know what the averages are on these exams or what your school considers passing? Our school is using them for the first time so I don't know what is considered a good grade, I just know I've passed them all up to this point! haha THanks!
  4. I am the VP of my class so naturally I am going to the AAPA conference this year in Toronto. Does anyone have suggestions on which days are the best for us to go to. I know the website had a list of student related dates, but we will not be participating in the bowl challenge and I'm trying to budget out the trip for the other classmates of mine that are going. The fewer days we go the cheaper, but I also don't wanna miss anything, so I just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations, I have never been to an AAPA conference. Thanks
  5. I took Pathophysiology online through Washtenaw Community College and my program accepted it. It was a really good class and the professor was really helpful. My program counted Patho as a biological science, but they recommended the ones you listed. I also had a hard time finding completely online courses, but it can be done! I read about the Genetics class through UC Berkeley, but was also worried about the bad reviews. University of Oklahoma (CIDL) offers some online independent study courses (I took Gen Chem I & II) through them, and University of New England also has a lot of classes that PA programs and med schools will accept. I wouldn't recommend Univ. of Phoenix and I doubt that most programs won't accept courses from them. Good luck and write if you have more questions. I did a TON of research trying to find online classes since I work full time + a side job.
  6. I'm just wondering if anyone out there currently in PA school or getting ready to attend has advice about financial aid? I start at a public institution in January and one of my main reasons for not going the "private" route was because of the cost of attendance (COA.) I wanted to be "smarter" financially than I was in my undergraduate career and I've been trying to crunch my expenses, but it seems like there won't be enough money. Let me break down my costs and maybe someone out there will have advice! (Fees/Costs are for the spring semester only: Jan-May (so 5 months)) Tuition/Fees/Books: $7,173 Medical Equipment: $900 Rent: $1700 Utilities: $610 Car Payment: $1280 Car Insurance: $850 Cell Phone: $490 Gas: $300 Food: $500 Total: $13,803 - COA $13,302 = -$501 I know that my car pmt and insurance are killing me, but I wrecked my car a year ago and had no choice but to get a new one. And unfortunately my insurance is sky high due to my accident. I got a newer car solely for the reason of needing a reliable car that wouldn't need maintenance all the time (I had that issue as a undergrad.) I also had my insurance agent search for lower rates, but he said I'm stuck based on my previous driving record. I'm hoping that my medical equipment fees are less than $900, but I'm not sure what to expect in terms of those items. I'm looking at changing to a family cell plan, so that may lower those costs by $20 or so a month. I've estimated (at best) my gas and food, but I have a feeling it's on the low end... And clearly, there is no room for anything "extra." I have been working to pay off all credit card debt before entering school, so with that and the cost of my pre-reqs my savings are limited. I have enough to possibly help me with things like my rent down payment, equipment fees, and buying a laptop since I don't currently have one. That's my situation in a nutshell. I know that in the long haul, I'll be better off because my debt will be lower than most PA students, but I guess I just wasn't aware that you couldn't borrow more than your cost of attendance as the school has estimated it. My old roommate was a PA and she was paying her mortgage with her PA school loans, so I have no idea how she was able to do that. I definitely don't want to take out more than needed, but it seems like I'll be scraping by with no extra money for unexpected expenses (prescriptions, association dues, etc.) If there's anyone out there who's found a way to combat the estimated Cost of Attendance at an institution or who knows where other types of loans that do not go through the school might be available, please share below. And god bless anyone out there who is going to school with a family or children. I have no idea how you're doing it!
  7. From one athletic trainer to another... DO IT! I have been a certified athletic trainer since 2005 and I did my graduate assistantship at Arizona State University (majored in Higher Ed Administration.) After attending 2 large conference schools (completed undergrad in the Big 10) I realized that slaving my life away as an ATC for minimal pay and minimal respect was not what I had signed up for. I love being an athletic trainer, but for me, the rewards do not equal my sacrifice or dedication to the profession. When I finished grad school I worked in sales/marketing and realized that I wanted a real profession where I could be respected for my knowledge and where I could do great things for other people. So for the last 3 years, I have worked at a high school (definitely NOT where I thought I would be as an ATC), but it has allowed me to take my pre-reqs for PA school. I was accepted last summer and I begin in January! I know there are many schools who are not "ATC friendly," but there are many who value our backgrounds as an allied health profession. I, personally, know 5 ATC's who have gone the PA track and they love it and were successful in school. Just contact the schools you are interested in and you'll get a feeling right away if they respect your background or not. I know that Midwestern (in AZ) loves ATC's and I was told personally by their program director that the former ATC's who have gone through their program were great. It sounds like you have a great GPA and plenty of experience to propel you forward. I wish you the very best of luck in finding the right program to fit your needs. And I promise that hard work and dedication will pay off!
  8. klrigden, How did it go today? Did you think that it was pretty laid back and standard? How were the other interviewees? In my interview I think there were a couple of "No's" (Although I'm not on the committee!) But there were some people who weren't as professional and possibly weren't mature enough for the PA setting. There were definitely others who seemed to really have it together... None of us really talked about our "stats" or other programs we applied to, but I think that most people had applied to multiple other places and I'm not sure if ISU was their #1 choice. Just wanting to see how you thought the competition today stacked up :) And glad I could help you feel at ease before your interview... I could have used that on Tuesday! lol
  9. sarraeo26, When is your interview? I interviewed today and overall thought it was a great experience (as it was my 1st interview.) The ADCOM was very laid back and you're right, it was pretty standard... I think they just want to know they type of person you are and how you handle yourself in certain situations. As for Terre Haute having hostels- I doubt it! I'm not sure if you're familiar with Indiana, but Terre Haute is a small "city" in the middle of interstates and cornfields, lol! There were some people in my interview who stayed at some decently priced hotels. You would fly into Indianapolis, so you could also stay in Indy and then drive to ISU in the morning (it takes about an hour and 30 mins). Good luck and I hope you make it to Indiana safely!
  10. Hello everyone! I was invited to an interview at ISU on May 24th, but haven't heard any specifics yet on exact meeting location, time, etc. Did anyone who posted earlier have an interview yet? Did you feel comfortable with the way it was structured? I don't want to ask any specific questions, because I think sometimes that can be too forward! Just wanting to make sure they didn't throw any major bombshells at anyone! ;) Any info or advice would be appreciated! Also to marilynpac: As stated earlier, there is not a PA school thread for Indiana State since it's such a new program. But if you know how to get them to create one (as they are currently starting their 3rd application cycle) that would be great!
  11. I also read somewhere that CASPA will just cut off your statement at 650 words... So you're final words could be left out if you're not careful! It's hard to keep it to 650, but I was reading another forum that said to just keep it simple and say exactly what you want the admissions committee to know about you and why you want to go to PA school. Hope this helps!
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