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  1. Do you know why the person who hired you is no longer there? I'd be wary of this place. It's one thing to use established fame as leverage in hiring; it's another thing entirely to basically lie to a potential hire and use their reputation to keep you there because the deal is "good enough". Was the originally quoted number the "compensation" or the "salary"? Compensation could have included benefits/perks and been equivalent to the 85k.
  2. Yes! I've got a bit of a round-about track to PA school ahead of me. I'll be getting my ASN-RN first to pay off my debt from my bachelor's degree, which will also give me good practical knowledge before applying to PA school. During that time I
  3. Interesting. I'd like to see a study done with more data though. While ~30 data points is just enough for a relatively accurate bell-curve analysis, the more complicated the driving forces and interaction the more skewed it can be. It would be especially hard to say anything definitively about the actual PA malpractice suits given the low amount of actual data on them. Still, it's heartening. The fact that women get sued so much less is interesting too. I wonder what is causing that. I could imagine anything from perception (women tend to be more often labeled as "well-meaning" and person
  4. Perfect! Good to know. I'm from NC originally and I'm contemplating moving back after school. This is a definite plus.
  5. Disclaimer: I'm a pre-PA and this is all hearsay and anecdotes. Not from experience, but I'm under the impression that North Carolina is a very PA-friendly state in regards to required physician supervision, Rx and practice operation and ownership. I am also under the impression that Florida is moderately un-friendly to PAs and moderately friendly to NPs in the categories listed previously.
  6. Thanks for posting this data Andersen. I'm surprised there are so many PA students entering programs with such little previous work experience, especially without patient contact (35% have less than a year?!).
  7. There are growing pains, surely, but I doubt anyone would argue that EMRs will not eventually become much more a benefit than a burden. Most of the hurdles are already able to be overcome and will be dealt with more and more quickly as the hardware and software get better and cheaper (e.g. having to stand in front of a computer can be fixed by practices using tablets which are quickly getting better and cheaper.) The earlier we adopt EMR and adapt to it the better.
  8. Congratulations J! Thanks for keeping us caught up on this. I've been following your updates for a while and it's been illuminating.
  9. Thank you for bringing this issue to light Swennerb. I can't imagine I'll be married when entering my first round of applications, so it's likely to affect me, and is something I hadn't personally given much consideration.
  10. There was apparently already trouble placing medical school graduates in residency programs. 1 out of 4 Australian medical school graduates not guaranteed a residency. http://blogs.crikey.com.au/croakey/2011/05/05/another-point-of-view-on-physician-assistants/
  11. I believe you'll usually at least have a small annual review meeting. Request your numbers (patients seen, money generated and such) and bring it up.
  12. I agree. I hesitate to call PS assistance unethical, that's a bit strong. I do think in the end though, that it should be written by the student. It's a small form of misrepresentation, but could end up meaning the best and brightest don't get in over those who can pay for as much assistance as they want on their re(accent)sume(accent), which ends up being bad for the future of the profession. Fifty dollars isn't much to some people, but to others it's less than they have left over every semester during undergrad.
  13. Eddoc, do you happen to know what a competitive salary and benefits are in the UK? I've read a little bit about how it works there, but I'm not sure.
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