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  1. Hey y'all! Just wanted to update everybody on my work situation. I landed my dream job working in the ED at a critical access hospital in rural Montana (skiing!). We have a unique situation here with solo coverage and somewhat limited resources. We cover all of the shifts with 2 docs and 2 PA's, each working solo, and in the same capacity. The docs are family medicine trained, but have worked in urgent care/ emergency medicine for over 20 yrs individually. We have a high incidence of trauma, substance abuse, mental health, diabetes, and obesity related issues, being located next to a lar
  2. Albany is OK, it's best quality is it's access (Vermont, NYC, Boston, Montreal, international airport, skiing, hiking, climbing, lakes etc.) You can live wherever you want (country, suburbs, city) with easy access to the hospital. It is a top-notch fellowship, and its only a year. I took a full-time position here at AMC, but will be looking to head back out West this summer/fall.
  3. Rotation was officially 2 wks, but could have been longer if wanted. As stated, the program will tailor your to your interests or needs.
  4. - I'm actively looking for a position now, trying to find that perfect fit. I'm looking to head to the mountain west. - At this point I am not planning on attaining the CAQ, it must prove it's utility before Ill think about it.
  5. Well well well. Here we are folks. One year later and looking back I cant beleive how much I've learned. Today I am mentoring our new group of fellows as they enter the forray of the AMC ED; coming full circle I guess. As I plan to move on to a new adventure, the feelings are bittersweet. AMC has provided me so much in the way of medical knowledge, confidence, and experience with high acuity patients. At this point I truly do feel that I am able to treat any patient that presents to the ED appropriately, or at least know when something is "out of my league". I know there is still an im
  6. Hey pvdude, yes I was able to defer my loans which are through Great Lakes, it was very easy, I can not comment on other loan agencies. ChiefPA - I plan to practice rurally, it looks like western ND at this point, but we are still hashing out the details. I will be back soon for a longer post, thank you for the great questions folks!
  7. Hello Everyone. As I left you I was entering the CCU for some sweet intensive cardiac education. It went well and I did learn a ton about the different methods for cardiac monitoring and support, LVADs and whatnot. It was nice to get the exposure. After another stent back in the ED, I have entered the wonderful world of Surgical Intensive Care. The early mornings are fine with me as long as I can get my hands on as many central/A lines, intubations, and chest tubes as possible. I'll be here for a month and exposure to some more hospital medicine is definitely aiding me in becoming more w
  8. UPDATES> Howdy! Time for some updates from the program. Matt has just completed and I am just starting my two weeks in the CCU. As you can imagine a definite change of pace from the ED to the hospital management of sick cardiac patients. I'll have more to say later about this subject as I am early in. On other news the program just interviewed 4 qualified applicants today (hello if you are reading this). It was fun to meet them and discuss where I was at and where I've come to this point. An applicant asked me what my favorite aspect of the program was????? I answered, becoming m
  9. Hello All. Just a reminder, every private message I have received has been appropriate for the forum page. For the sake of my sanity and the benefit of everyone else, please post you questions on the main page. Thanks
  10. Off to Vegas on Friday for the SEMPA conference! Who's gonna be there?
  11. Hey yall. So I'm in the middle of my airway rotation where I hope to get as many "tubes" as i can in the OR. Its been a great week, I placed 9 tubes today! It's also been nice to focus on the various pre-treatment, induction, and paralyzing agents that I may use in the ED someday. BAGGING!, am I right? It is so important and an often overlooked aspect of proper ventilation and airway management. In other news, I find myself having nearly daily discussions with staff from different areas of the hospital about becoming a PA and/or the fellowship. I encourage any of you out there who are
  12. Hello Akdem. I found the process to be much less competitive than I would have thought; with info from my director. I casted a small net, but perhaps was lucky. Think about what will make your application stand out. Most PA schools require keeping above a 3.0 gpa, and most students will keep well above that to reduce anxiety. Therefore your personal statement, noting why you want to do a fellowship, and your references are weighed more heavily than grades. We are definitely more busy than if we were working a regular pa job, attending conferences and such. I've heard that other fello
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