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  1. @aiviphung, I was in your same boat last year! I'm not sure what other programs you were accepted into, but LLU def has a smaller class size then many. Personally, I like the smaller groups...its a nice support system and you get a lot of hands-on interaction, especially in lab. Instead of signing up for time slots, you just show up when you want to study. Having a cadaver lab is much more interesting then book learning too! Also, compare PANCE pass rates and look into whether or not all the students completed the program. Also, cost. If you were accepted into, say, USC...there is a pretty significant cost difference. Also, consider how far away you want to be from family and which would be an easier adjustment overall. The religious aspect of LLU is not overbearing, so if religion is not your style, don't worry. Good luck in your decision!
  2. Hello class! I just withdrew my application from the program. It's been a tough decision, especially since you all seem like such an awesome group of people! But I'm confident I made the right choice. Best of luck to you all and I'm excited someone else will have the opportunity to join the class now that there's an extra spot.
  3. Hello, I was also accepted at both USC and LLU. I have talked to several attending physicians (who work alongside PAs on a regular basis), PAs, and other grad students. Both are very reputable programs and those that I have talked to have encouraged me to attend the less expesive program. Not only are you paying 45k more for tuition, you also have to consider that extra year of living expenses on student loans, as well as a year less of salary as a PA (plus more loan interest!). The medical professionals have all told me that I won't have a hard timer finding a job after school, regardless of which one I attend. Also, other students who attended PA programs with 6-week clinical rotations said they felt it was an adequate amount of time at each site. I think it depends on your learning style, and if you feel like you will benefit from the summer break and having longer rotations. And if it is worth the extra money. Personally, I'm leaning towards LLU at the moment. I sent in my security deposits to both programs and am making my final decision soon. To mee, money is a very important issue. Especially since I'm young/single and paying my way entirely through grad school with limited savings. I did really enjoy the overview of USCs program and the friendly staff/students. Everyone was so genuinely kind! Let me know what factors are affecting your decision and what you decide. Maybe we'll end up being classmates!
  4. Sayeh, I was lucky enough to find out the same day as my interview but I had to wait weeks/months to hear from some other programs.
  5. California, I was interviewed by Dr. Hou and I was accepted. I think he definitely uses intimidation as a means to test your ability to perform under pressure. But he's a genuinely nice person! I'm sure they consider that factor when they discuss admission offers. I wouldn't get your hopes down just because you had a challenging interview. After my interview I didn't feel 100% confident, however, I felt like I had given knowledgable responses when he challenged my initial answers....we basically talked in circles during the "why do you want to be a PA question"? which took about 10 minutes. Exhausting!
  6. Zirom, I interviewed with Dr. Hou and Ms. Oms. It was definately the most challenging interview I've had thus far, in terms of challenging my responses and testing my ability to communicate under pressure/stress. Overall, an excellent interview day experience though :-) I know they're interviewing another group tomorrow, so there is definately still ample time for you to get accepted.
  7. I had my interview on 1-8 and recieved a phone call that very same day. I'm most likely going to accept the invitation, I have a few more days to decide. Good luck to everyone! Was anyone else in my interview group? I was surprised there were only 16 of us!
  8. E27, what a champ! I interviewed Nov 27th and am still hoping to hear positive news :-) I've been accepted at two other really good programs, but I'm still crossing my fingers NU calls. Best wishes where ever you chose to go!
  9. I also interviewed November 17th and received an acceptance call yesterday! Very relieved :-)
  10. I received an interview invitation for November 27th! I submitted my application via CASPA on August 15 and my supplemental Application on October 5th. I received the invitation today via email.
  11. Waitlisted as well. Were you waitlisted before or after the interview process?
  12. I was also invited for an interview Novemeber 17th! Very surprised to find out so soon, considering I didn't submit my supplemental until Septemeber 29th.
  13. The tests you take are over simple math, medical terminology and a short essay. Definately nothing to stress over.
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