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  1. Hi jkimee.. Congrats!!!!! That's awesome:) can I ask when did you send in ur app there?
  2. Yes 2000 paid hours from 6 years ago. It just didnt pay well enough.
  3. I'm still in the process of applying...getting LOR's and transcripts. Is it considered late if I submit my app at the beginning of July? I know it takes a month to process so August until its actually sent to schools. Is that considered late?? And reduces my chances?
  4. Thanks for your input guys! I got in touch with an MD. Also, through so many attempts, got connected with a PA but doesn't look like shadowing will work because of the restrictions at her job.
  5. Hey guys...need help on where I should get my last LOR. One is from my anatomy A&P professor and one from my old manager who is a pharmacist. Most schools state they want one from an MD or PA. I don't have either. My experience as a MA was back in 2006...not willing to ask the dr.s there for a LOR just because of the large gap. So what are my choices. I literally have no connections with any MD's or PA's. only thing holding me back from submitting my application at this point.
  6. Hello. I have a cumm GPA of 3.23 and Sci GPA of 2.88. GRE scores are 143 Quant and 145 Verb (I will retake this May). I had struggled in mostly Chemistry classes (getting C's in Gen. Chem II, O.Chem I and II as well as Bio II and Biochem). Im afraid of how my grades would look to the admissions committee. I have been trying hard to pull those grades up but unfortunately recently made a C in Biochem. Is it wise for me to take basically any Science classes to boost my science GPA? Do I seem like a potential candidate? Thanks for your time!
  7. Thanks guys, however it's not my only C in science that I have. That's why it's so hard for me to pull it up. Made a C in Gen Chem II and O.Chem I and II. I hate Chem, as you can tell.
  8. So for the past year I have been working hard at getting my GPA up and finally graduating from college. I've been taking classes other than science towards my BA and have also taken 3 science classes here and there for prerequisites for PA schools. Unfortunately, one of the prerequisites (Biochemistry), I got a C in. This has seriously crushed my spirit. I've worked so hard maintaining a good GPA after it being so bad in the beginning. I don't want to give up in any way but I'm afraid the review committee won't have confidence in me. My bf is even losing confidence in me. Any advice. I'm taking 3 science classes this semester to bring up my science GPA. I know you guys will ask so here's my GPA. Cumm-3.23 Sci-2.88
  9. I've searched but could not find any and just wanted to know if there were any schools that might coming out with one. I swear that I have heard someone/or read it somewhere before. Thanks!
  10. I just took it and got 145 verbal, 143 quant. Can't stand standardized tests!! Worst 4 hours of my life! Throw anatomy and physiology questions at me and I will know them or learn to master them, no problem. I don't really think I can do any better. Is it really that bad????
  11. @ bellis. Thanks for your input! It does make me feel better that I'm not the only one that freaks out.
  12. I agree. I believe the scores of the GRE would not make me a better PA or a better grad student. Only makes me a damn good test taker. Yet most of the schools that I want to attend require the GRE.
  13. I have yet to take it. I have been studying 2 hours a day for the past two months then 4-7 hours weekends or when I had a day off. Yet, I still seem to be not grasping these concepts. I hate math. I always have and always will, not too bright on vocab and hate tests that last for more than 2 hours. I took a few practice tests and my grades are horrendous, not even getting half correctly. I am going to take it, I have to since it was $175 and I have also decided to accept my score because it will show up as me canceling it anyway when they review the scores (if I decide to take it again). My question is how big of a deal is the GRE? Those who know me know my stats aren't great (working on it though) including volunteer work, etc. But what if I bomb it? I feel like this is probably as much as I will be able to study for the next year and I have no confidence.
  14. Yes, that answers all my questions about the GRE scoring. Thank you!!
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