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  1. Hi Karenlzrg- When you apply through the CASPA system all of your classes from all schools are factored into your various GPA calculations. Once you finish your app. and get all your transcripts to CASPA they automatically generate a report of all your classes divided by subject i.e. BCP (bio, chem, physics), math, liberal arts, etc. Then they do a plain cumulative of everything you've ever taken in addition to just a pre-req one. Hope that makes sense... Oh you can go ahead and sign up for a CASPA account even though you're not applying right away, just to familiarize yourself with the application. Your grade report looks something like this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yydXfyjPuJI/Tw26PdOUJAI/AAAAAAAAAaY/xHK9DdJCyE8/s1600/caspa+planned+courses.bmp
  2. Look in the Canton neighborhood, it's got lots of resturants, bars, whatnot in walking distance. Highlandtown or Patterson Park can be nice too, if can find a quiet street off the main drags. What rotation are you in? I'm at Bayview
  3. Hey guys! Here's the link to the facebook group I made a while ago for those of you who will be joining the Class of 2015! Congratulations!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/549859341698298/ :;-D:
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/549859341698298/ Here it is
  5. I was asked to start a facebook group page for our new class. So here goes... Please direct message me your info so I can add you :=D::=D::=D: Congratulations you guys! Amy
  6. Same thing as kms111211, I think I checked my email every 5 min for any kind of information. I interviewed on 8/9 and got my acceptance letter 9/6. Tell us how it went yesterday
  7. I'm guessing 30-60 because I was in the 3rd and last group of day one and our group had 9 or 10 folks. I could totally be wrong though, I'm not trying to freak anyone out! Good luck to you guys in Oct. All the earlier comments totally ring true. Be yourself, show that you really have a passion for the field and medicine. Ask honest questions to students and staff meaning that you have real interest in joining THEIR program and community. Don't get intimidated by other interviewees, you all obviously deserve to be there. Everyone has been hitting the books hards for pre-reqs, working their butts off for PCE, and reading every last tidbit on the internet about PAs. So show them that you can communicate well and that becoming a PA is what you really want to do. You guys got this! :smile:
  8. Undergrad Degree: BFA in Photography Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.6 Science Undergrad. GPA: 4.0 Pre-Req GPA: 3.8 Direct Patient Care : 3624 hours (Phlebotomist & Clinic Research Coordinator) PA Shadowing: 74 hours (3 diff specialties) 2nd time applying to Maryland schools Schools applied: 4 (2 out of state) Interviews: 1 (still early but I'll post if I hear more)
  9. Yes, I did that. But I would keep checking with Towson that they received your transcripts after about 2 weeks after you send them. I had some trouble with one of my schools getting mine to the grad office.
  10. Awesome Katie! Great job! See you in the summer :smile: QUOTE=kms111211;354352]Congrats to you both!! I was accepted, too - got the email today!! :D See you all next year????
  11. Hey susan, I got offered admission too! CONGRATULATIONS!! It came in an email
  12. I got that email today too! Ok, now I'm starting to get excited :=-0:
  13. Is anyone brave enough to call the office to see when they might start sending out notifications? :;;D:
  14. Yes, I called the graduate admissions office just to make sure everything had gotten there and they told me one was missing. So I called the school in question and they told me they had mailed it to Towson on 8/13, even though I sent in my request back in July. Oh well , what can you do...
  15. One of my transcripts somehow didn't get sent to Towson until 8/13 so I might be waiting a little longer than before so they can process it on their end! This wait is making me super anxious! Anyone hear anything after a week?
  16. Ooooh so you think they're starting to send out interview notices next week?
  17. I haven't heard anything since getting the email about my supplemental app. being received.
  18. Haha, I'll keep my eyes and ears open for a Katie. I'm actually starting to get nervous today. All my co-workers are trying to simultaneously coach me with interview questions and I'm kind of like AHHHHHHHHHH! But they're very helpful and supportive. But I'll definitely be prepping this weekend :smile:
  19. It's in the thread a few posts back. I got 12:30 on Aug 9th.
  20. Tristone! Guess you're in the same boat as me from last year. I submitted my intent form yesterday afternoon so hopefully I will get a scheduling call today. What times are you guys getting assigned?
  21. Got my interview invite today! They're really doing it early this year. Anyone else?
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