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  1. Thanks for that helpful input Sed. Yeah, I can see the advantages and disadvantages of either scenario. But to be honest I only took 10 days PTO last year and had to bust my butt to make the 200k, alternatively if I happen to not make bonus for some odd reason settling for $180k isn’t half bad. It would be peculiar for me to not make at least another 15-25k at year end in the form of a bonus.. but never know.
  2. Yes I’m staying on track for a net coll. North of 700. I question if I should play it safe with a lower base but still keep the draw at 30%. Ie.) $150k base and 30% over 500k net coll. yearly..
  3. So they increased my base to 180k with 30% over 600k a year....
  4. I agree, I think im going to request 32% and hope to land at 30-31. I bring in enough collections and see a huge # of pts compared to the docs where it shouldn't be a huge ask... Ive been having trouble structuring my offer but we shall see
  5. Hello again, Time has come for reneg. again and I could use your help! Lol. Im going to shoot for 32% of collections if I keep my yearly salary at 95000k; otherwise perhaps ask for 31% with a salary of 150000k; both would be over the draw. Given im seeing around 500-600 pts a month, does that seem appropriate? Thanks or ur help
  6. Good point. My base salary is low but I’m ok with that since I make such a good bonus. I agree, bonus incentivizes employee and practice. Perhaps that gives me a better negotiating power given it’s not a salary.
  7. Makes sense. I’ve done some calculations and the goal is to always assure I make bonus by keeping my threshold at an achievable amount over the draw. I’m more interested in how pas have their comp structured I think
  8. Yes 401k and good insurance as well. No expense acct. although I can incorporate stuff into my cme allowance. I work FT 4-5days a week
  9. That’s what I was thinking as well. And 30% is at market rate I’ve been told. Thanks!
  10. I brought in around 700k last year thus my bonus last year was around 100k
  11. Hey All, I'd like your input on my current terms and renegotiation suggestions please. Currently, my salary is 95k/year with productivity bonus of 27.5% over $83k/qtr. I have 4 years experience as a Derm PA. I get 30 days pto, 2k for CMEs and have a 401k, Insurance plan through company What would you guys suggest as the renegotiation? I've heard percent collections of 30-40% is market rate Thanks for all your input!
  12. Could you list those sources? I need to develop a good argument for such a raise. I'd be happy with a steady $150k yearly.
  13. So what you're suggesting is I should be getting paid 40% of my billed collections to the company? 40% of 500k = 200k. Is that normal? Thanks for ur input!
  14. Yeah I brought in about 500-600k last year too. I may benefit from hiring a consultant. I'm finding out that a significant amount of pa's make less then they should.
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