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  1. EMORY DVD -150 Van Rhee physician assistant board review. Scratched off. Will give access- 40 Davis PA Exam review ( 30) CD with it. Lange Q&A exam review. 45 I have others. PM and I'll let you know what I have:) Thanks
  2. SAMS-PA

    DataChem CD

    Hi I wanted to know if anyone is selling their Datachem CD? Thanks
  3. I'm looking for anyone that is selling their hippoPA software, UMDNJ, or Emory study material? Thanks:)
  4. Hi Is the Emory Still available? Could you PM me? Thanks
  5. Sshaikh712 & ashook45. I emailed you both with how to join the group:). Hope to see you soon!
  6. Hi all Anyone recently accepted into the Towson/CCBC program? I haven't seen any updates recently so I'm hoping more classmates will start responding!!!:) best of luck to everyone. And happy thanksgiving!!!!
  7. I don't believe you can see the group or even add yourself without having me do it because its set to secret group right now. So just email me your facebook email if you have been accepted and want to join. Thanks:) And your welcome NMaski.
  8. I can start a facebook page. I'll keep it private for those who are still working and don't want to tell their supervisors/collegues yet:) Just message me your email address. :)
  9. Congratulations everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone:)
  10. Waiting is always painful but hopefully you guys will hear good news soon!
  11. nmaski are you getting my private messages? My side my inbox looks weird???
  12. I got an email from CCBC saying I got in and I will be getting a letter in the mail to accept or reject. So I got a letter in the mail from CCBC. That one I turned back in with deposit. Then I got a third letter today from Towson saying im eligible for instate and my ID. Hope that helps and def. Call!!!
  13. Ummmmm I just checked my mail and I got a letter from towson saying congrats on beig accepted to the Towson PA program. The first email I got was from CCBC and the letter I turned back in. Maybe CCBC Forgot to send you a letter. You should call or email them. But the letter your saying you got is I believe the same one I just got from Towson. Did they say your eligible for instate residency and give you an ID number??? If yes then I would assume your in??? Let me know.
  14. I just cancelled my interview appointment for October 8th because i've been accepted into my top choice. I wish you guys well in your PA applications.
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