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  1. We get $100 per day, regardless of weekend or weekday, per hospital. We take call for typically 2 hospitals, but sometimes only one. Two years ago, there was no extra compensation for the PA's or the docs, so at least it's something.
  2. I'd go with option B. You spend a lot of time with your SP in ortho, I find this really important. Plus no call in an ortho job is amazing, and your time off is way better. Your overhead is your salary plus 25% for your ins, PTO, etc. Anything else you bill for above this you will receive 30% of that. Not sure where you're located at, but I find that a pretty decent salary for a new grad.
  3. I disagree.. I did lots of closing in my surgery rotation and my preceptor stated he felt comfortable because it appeared that I had practiced a fair amount when he let me do it the 1st time. Bottom line in rotations is to be willing and volunteer to do stuff, worst they could say is no!
  4. I'm a 1st year student at LLU. Interviews probably aren't going to start until late January or even sometime in Feb. Right now the program is having a huge remodelling of the classrooms, offices, etc. I'm sure they don't want to show you the half completed space in your interview! Bottom line... don't worry that you haven't heard anything and probably don't expect anything for a while! Good luck to you all!
  5. I had the same thing happen to me last year. I thought that meant I was either a yes or a no into the program! Instead I was an alternate but was never called back to say that I was selected:( Still not sure how they came to the consensus that I was a 'maybe' into the program! Best of luck to you tho... It looks like others have been selected with 3 out of the 4 interviews!
  6. Good luck on the interview! I interviewed in August, then had to wait until the end of Dec. to find out that I was on the alternate list, a long waiting game! Then you can wait up until the first day of class to find out if you've been taken off the alternate list, another long waiting game! My first choice was UF... I didn't get in there but I did get into PA school so for that I'm thrilled! I'm remembering getting that call about a year ago as well... if I were to be doing it again I would've chosen a later interview date to make the waiting shorter :) I was very impressed by the interview process and the school all together. They were very organized and gave us a great representation for what it would be like to be a student there! Again, best of luck!
  7. I echo everything that's been said so far! I'm an exercise physiologist (working mostly in Cardiology) going to start PA school in a couple months! I too want to work in Sports Med/Ortho. I work in the same office as a sports med Dr. who told me over 75% of his pts. are general ortho and very few docs are able to just do Sports Med. He does sport coverage, treating athletes in the training room, as well as physicals for incoming recruits for a local D1 school. Most of these hours are over and above his 40 hours in the clinic. The clinic isn't compensated at all from the school, instead they actually have to bid to be able to cover these D1 athletes. So definitely not generating their salary! So to the OP, plan to do orthopaedics hopefully with a little sports med sprinkled in! Good luck!
  8. Hi Ashley, I started a thread in the pre-PA section, under PA schools, and then LLU has it's own thread... I feel like this thread should be put under there too... Just a thought! I posed a few questions there!
  9. Same goes with UND... I know someone who graduated from there last year and he spent approximately 7 out of the 24 months in Grand Forks
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