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  1. Thank you to all the current students that have taken the time out to share valuable information and allow us to ask questions and bug you during this nerve-wracking time! I don't about the rest of you, but I check my email a few hundred times a day! lol
  2. Thank you for your reply. I guess, it's somewhat good news that we haven't heard anything yet...no news is good news?
  3. Has anyone been invited to interview for the Tacoma site? Good luck to everyone!
  4. Nice! I'm right there with you too! A&P this Fall! Applying next year.
  5. I speak Japanese, but I am only a CNA... :sweat:
  6. PM Sent. rev is right, every PA I have called so far has either told me that they only allow PA students/medical students, or that their organization does not allow students to shadow them.
  7. Yes please, that would be great help! Also the program opening up in Saudi would definitely help our cause to show other governments in the Gulf as well as Pakistan. Sorry OP, didn't mean to hijack your thread.
  8. I envy you for taking the time to go half way across the world to help others. Thank you! Whats even worse is that if you had "known" someone there, or had a couple $20 bills, the police chief would have let not only you practice, but also anyone even barely pretending to be a practitioner. There are great cultural variables at work here. Firstly, a "PA" on the subcontinent is a Personal Assistant, additionally a new health care role would need to be marketed and then introduced. I plan on using every resource I have to start legislation in Pakistan and India to allow Physician Associates to practice. I believe a convincing presentation coupled with community service, a certification test even (they offer the MCAT internationally, why can't we offer the PANCE or something similar?), and a little influence from people I know. This by no means would be easy at all, but is necessary for our field, one country at a time. Once the government realizes that PA's are already working in their countries on US military bases, they may be more welcoming to the idea. Plus, they have to be feeling the crunch as most of their best physicians have left Pakistan and India, to practice in the US and UK!!! They need PA's for their sake, not for us to go make money--we just want to be recognized so we can volunteer and create more options for improved health care. (Homeopaths are practicing there left and right without any certification, giving out sugar pills or what not, I know I took them!! Nothing against natural medicine, just saying it's a corrupt system).
  9. You have impressive grades, but what about the whole candidate? EC? Leadership? I believe you have really good chance at all those schools, as long as your cGPA and sGPA is also up there. Did you already take the GRE? Best of luck!
  10. That's a terrible blow! It is more important now than ever before to have international recognition of PA's, and credentialing that is mutually acceptable across borders. Unfortunate part is that several remote and rural areas where no doc practices, would rather have an unlicensed person practicing, than a well educated and trained PA. Many country's population would benefit from the introduction of PA's, definitely developing countries, but also developed countries with growing demands for medical care.
  11. Hi AprilMedic, Awesome! As long as I get approval for the group in the next couple of weeks, I would love to welcome you to PSU and Pre-PA Society. Stay in touch, so we can coordinate things. I am creating this group as much for public information on the job scope of PA's as for the success of the prospective students. Currently, the Pre-Health society tries to host events that encompass all health fields, but there are no resources for shadowing PA's, or a list of the program directors or tour dates, etc. We will be addressing all those issues, and also creating partnerships with local schools for talks, tours, etc. Stay in touch!
  12. How is this progressing? I grew up in Japan, and would love to help, however I am not a PA...yet.
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