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  1. I got the email confirmation yesterday. I didn't receive any snail mail. It said that July 8 is the Transfer Orientation Day while July 11 is the Welcome Reception. Gosh, I hope everything will work out for you, applesticker00. I did read somewhere in this forum that there was a time when a student joined the class during the first day. I guess he/she was on the waitlist and was called at the very last minute. So I want to say there is hope for you. Try to speak with the head of the PA program herself. All the best, Jackie
  2. Hey! That's nice. Coming from Brooklyn wouldn't be so bad I believe. But if I had the option of moving closer, I'm really considering it. Anyway, really?? I think that's too soon! It's also unfair esp to students like you. What did you tell them?
  3. Definitely enjoying the warm weather and the rest of our break :D I hope you are too. I just personally handed in my deposit yesterday. I made the big mistake of sending a personal check -____-. Glad that's resolved. I was told I'll be receiving a letter about the orientation in the mail soon. By the way, where is everyone coming from? I'll be commuting from New Jersey everyday. :)
  4. Honestly, I did feel a little iffy since the program offers only a bachelor's degree. But I've been told that it's what you make of your education that matters. So I'm holding on to that belief. And sorry to hear your news, m57a. Take this as a learning experience. Don't give up on your dream to be a PA!
  5. About the orientation, I believe it's mandatory. They said further details about it will be released to us after we give in our deposit.
  6. I'm so excited to hear that most of us in this forum got in! :) Congrats to you guys! And for the rest, relax and be patient. I'm sure you'll hear from them soon. Again, keep us posted!
  7. Omg! I got a call from them today too and was offered a seat! :D Oh congrats, applesticker00! Do keep us posted, guys. Rooting for all of you too!
  8. I'm glad to hear that applesticker00! Hope it was a great experience for everybody. I guess now it's the waiting game for all of us. Stay positive, guys!
  9. You'll be fine, m57a! The interviewers were nice and friendly. Try to get there a bit earlier too so you can relax and put your mind at ease. Enjoy the good weather too and the nice surroundings. That's what I did. More importantly, stay confident and smile! Let us know how you did as well. :)
  10. Also its an individual interview with the committee. You're with a few others when you arrive and you'll first write an essay. Then you're all called one by one :)
  11. Hello everybody! I'm new to this thread but I have something to share for those who are awaiting interviews. I just had my interview last Tuesday at 1 PM and my only advice is relax and be yourself! As mariyam said, it was very casual and much much better than I expected. The committee just wanted to know the person behind the application - your dreams, motivation towards becoming a PA, a little life story, and even your hobbies! I think I was interviewed for quite a while. I didn't notice the time. Lol. It was a great experience and we even shared some laughs so make sure you have fun and mak
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