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  1. I have been working with the CPR/ SABC Instructors for the base, and I used to work for several doctors through out my civilian career; I'm sure I can get connections through them. I have a good contact with a retired colonel who sets up events for the president when he enters the state. Now I just need to work on my Algebra =( Also.... The AFOQT. I googled it and found all the free help possible. Any books/ flash cards you would recommend? I have a while before I can even apply for the program since I cant apply until my rank up. I might as well become so familiar with the AFOQT that I know it in my sleep.
  2. I was a civilian nurse before I came into the Air Force but I feel like I could be doing much more. I have been looking into the P.A Commissioning program. I was wondering just how competitive the program is. Also, I would like any advice, tips, ect... that can hasten the process of applying for this program.
  3. Joan

    HPSP (Navy or AF)

    Do you happen to know anything about the difficulty of being accepted into the Enlisted Commission for the P.A program. I went to base Education and pulled up the paperwork, but I'd really like to know how competitive the program is.
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