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  1. Hello Pete,


    I was wondering if you can give me some information And your option on the PA program at D'youville college.


    Thank - you


  2. I am a transfer student here. The school is small, private and excellent. The classes are small, the Professors are excellent. Not a bad thing to say about this school at all.
  3. Married for 7 years, one son, living 350 miles from my family to attend school. Yes it is tough, but it will work out in the end. We facetime all the time, phone calls. My wife visits me about every three weeks for a week at a time, I come home on some weekend if my schedule allows it as well. My military background has also helped with this issue as well, living apart has been a big part of our lives before PA school. So its only two more years. It can be be done and it will be trying at times as well. One last comment about problems that may develop. You must inform them t
  4. Lesh, Some do stay in the area, the military guys that are here that I know of are all going back to where we came from. I going back to Ct. This area has PA's all over the place, because of the 5 PA schools within 100 miles of Buffalo. But quite a few are locals who do stay here to work. The salaries are not that high in Buffalo either for PA's 45-55 annually.
  5. Lesh, I know at D'Youville College we have two or three of us Corpsman and Medics usually in every class. Class sizes are 32-40. But this is a 5 year program, which I prefer actually due to the slower pace for myself to get the pre courses completed, especially after doing 20 years as a Corpsman, hitting the books again was a wake up call quickly. Not a bad deal really here at all, once your accepted to the program, you can fall into the program anywhere between a freshman to a senior. Your also guaranteed a seat for the third year, thats when the actual PA classes and clinical begin.
  6. I am not a student there Sarah, sorry I declined Bridgeport's program for a couple reasons. I attend D'Youville in Buffalo now. I absolutely love my program. But from what I know about Bridgeport, is the program sucks, to new, unorganized professors, and they are not credentialed. Only provisional and CT does not allow you to license if the program is provisional. They wont tell you that though. Call the medical board for the State and they will send you the proof. Sorry for my not liking of Bports program. Do a search on here also, there are some current students who do not like the program at all. They posted about how messed up it is. But again the program is new, and I dont want to be justifying to employers why I attended a new program. Maybe after a few years I would have considered them once they were up and running and you could talk with some the graduates. Good luck

  7. Personal Statements are just that personal. I agree with AndersonPA on this whole subject. I wrote mine, my wife read over it once and submitted the damn thing a couple days later. Surely did not spend hours on end doing this either. IMO if your spending hours on writing something personal and stating the obvious on why you want to be a PA then maybe Physical Therapy or Nursing is a better route. If you got what they want and you can be Personal in the statement then you will get accepted to a program. I personally would not help any Pre PA with a PS and I wont ever. It's personal. Just m
  8. With your HCE hours and current GPA. You should get your degree through online, Trident University has a excellent program IMO. I got my BSHS from them and applied to schools after that, and I will be damned I got interviews and acceptances. I chose the 3x2 program due to the following 1. Not being in a classroom setting for nearly 20 years, need that time to learn how to be civilianized again (and time to get rid of my arrogance). 2. It was the closest program to my home. So If I was you I would get your Bachelors or if you do not want to wait, start applying to 5 yr and 3x2 program
  9. Devil, I spent most of my time at OP 293 and ECP 3 in west tameem. We got hit usually every other day after they would hit the government center they would come after us (easy targets being two americans in a outpost with 40-45 Iraqis. The main reason we got so jacked up was every time we got into it, most of the Iraqi's would beat feet. 3/8 was there the same time I was the had over 450 wounded and I believe 20 or so KIA.
  10. Yes this team had 100% casualty count for the original 11 guys. 10 Marines and 1 Corpsman. We got augmented with Army Soldiers half way through due to the KIA and WIA, we had three of the five combat reliefs wounded as well. We still hold the record not that we are at all happy about it. Lots of bad memories from that place. Ramadi, Iraq is where we were. The embedded reporter we had with us told us one day that he called the AO we had "Satan's spawning ground".
  11. Very interesting issue came up today from the Wounded Warrior Regiment. I have been retired for 3 months and I get a email from a friend of mine who is still in and says hey the WWR is trying to get a hold of you and its a big deal. I call them this morning, they are inquiring about a Marines injuries from 2006. Well my tours were not typical full Battalion tours, I did 3 MTT teams (advisors to Iraqi Army) train them and fight with them if needed. ETT's are (advisors to Afghanistan Army) did one of these. I had one team in 2006 that 40% were KIA and the other 60% were wounded
  12. Just tell them some story on how you wanted to be a PA when you stared off into the sunset on a cliff looking over the beach. And realized that there were sharks in the ocean and they will eat surfers and you as a PA could save the poor souls life.
  13. Accept the offer and go get it done. I had a ADCOM member tell me once there are 10 people waiting in line behind you to get that offer. I would not turn it down at all, take it and make it work. It is hard enough to get into PA school as it is right now, declining a offer would not make sense at all. I am leaving my family in Ct and moving to NY to attend school, it is going to be test for sure. I applied to programs all over the country interviewed at four and I told my wife we go where the first offer comes in from and that is what we did, happens to be not as expensive as the othe
  14. 1. I used the following for my first statement on being a Corpsman, The duties performed by HMs include: assisting in prevention and treatment of disease and injuries; caring for sick and injured; administering immunization programs; rendering emergency medical treatment; instructing sailors and marines in first aid, self aid and personal hygiene procedures; transporting the sick and injured; conducting preliminary physical examinations; performing medical administrative, supply and accounting procedures; maintaining treatment records and reports; supervising shipboard and field environmenta
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