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  1. Mich!!!! tryin' to sell books already!!! you're crazy. love ya!

  2. blahhhh! blahhhhh blahhhh! ;)

  3. CONGRATS!! I'm so excited to start, and I know how much you've wanted it :D you did it! Can't wait to be classmates!! See you in 2 weeks!!


    Find us on facebook!

  4. Hey we are going to be classmates!

  5. Sorry I didn't respond to you earlier, I didn't know these messages exist...


    I got my email invite at the beginning of December and still didn't get my date. The wrote that they will let me know in the end of Dec or the beginning of Jan so I'm not concerned.


    How did your interview go? What did they ask you? What was the writing assignment about? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just a bit nervous. I never really sat for any interviews in my life....

  6. Thanks! I actually had my interview Nov 2nd. Everyone is very nice and welcoming and laid back. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  7. Hey physio! Congrats with your acceptance, my interview is Tuesday! How soon after did they notify you of your acceptance?

  8. Congrats!!! When did you interview? I have mine this Tuesday!

  9. January 4th is my date! yay!

  10. congrats on the interview invite!

  11. oh n/m i just saw your info... what part of jersey are you from?

  12. Hey! Still no update for this interview. Ahh. UMD is my one and only choice. So I put all my eggs in one basket. I did my Dietetic Internship at UMD (that was also my only choice also.. hopefully my record can be 2-0 haha) and felt like this school super prepares everyone for their professional careers. Even my buddies who went to dental and med school are spoken of fondly just because they went to UMD. Other PA's that didn't go to UMD also say great things about UMDNJ PA graduates. SOOOOoooo hopefully this works out! BTW Are you from NJ?

  13. Hey Zippy.... I'm in the same boat as you! Only applied to UMDNJ and got an email for an interview a couple of weeks ago, still no date and time yet though, my anxiety is getting the best of me. Let me know if you hear anything as I will keep you posted. I hear the interview is in front of 3 people from the admissions committee and that it's pretty laid back. I also heard that someone takes you on a tour around campus. I guess they want to make sure that we have social skills! lol....Anyways goodluck! Hope we become classmates!

  14. Hi there! Best of luck to you at your interview for UMD, whenever that may be! Don't be nervous! The hard part is getting the interview in the first place...and once you get there, the staff is so nice and welcoming, it will be hard to even be worried!


    Hopefully we can be classmates :) Is UMD your #1?

    Keep me updated!



  15. Hey! I saw your post about UMDNJ... Congrats! I have an interview there... no date yet.... my anxiety is almost making me sick! LOL... Hopefully we'll be classmates ;)

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