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  1. Yeah that what I've gathered from my research. Would be best if we had 20% for down but that's out of our reach atm They are pre-approval rates so not final say, that's why I asked Griffin if he went through a click-n-bait type of scenario or if he was told 6% from the get go
  2. man you guys are so far off topic.... So I am actually in the market for buying a house right now, and I have talked to 3 different places that offer these professional loans. Here is what Ive got so far: Place one - only does ARMs with interests starting at 4.5%, no down, no PMI, no early payment fee Place two - did a pre-approval for a 30 yr fixed with rate of 4.37% but requires down of 3%, no PMI, no early fee Place three - waiting on pre-approval, but told they are very competite but ill post more concrete answers when I have them. As a background: my wife and I have 760 and 800s credit scores, low credit card use ratio, no debt other than rent. Was the interest of 6% told to you from the get go or????
  3. Thank you for actually answering the OP's question!!! Was wondering if anyone was...
  4. man that cap for EM in Canada is well below where I started as a new grad in EM! Do the benefits make up for the low pay at least?
  5. Thank you for posting a reply and Im sure it not only must have taken the time to type that up but it sounds like it was a very emotional thing for you. If I could ask, the personal attorney that you used was it assigned by the hospital or did you find them on your own? did you have to pay them? what made you get a personal attorney and Not Just Go With the 3 that the hospital provided? Thanks again for taking the time to post that
  6. No one goes wakes up and says "I want to fuck up someone and get sued for it!" But unfortunately, it happens. What I want to know is, if you lose, what can you expect to happen from that point on? Reason I ask is, as Im going through two credentialing processes I have had to fill out multiple forms saying I have never been a part of any claims. All those forms make it seem like if you become a part of such a claim then your life is over. I would hope that is not the case, and I hope that others can provide some personal or known experiences
  7. thats really low to start, what are the raises like? I will be starting a 1099 soon that pays 90/hr and even that isnt great IMHO, not for your main job. It is not my main job so I had no problem taking the offer since I get benefits at my FT job. I would ask for more, know your worth.
  8. So were you able to find something else? As everybody has stated, that place does not appreciate you. Best of luck to you!
  9. What I did before being done with school was look at the contracts forum. It gave me tremendous guidance on what to expect and what to ask for. As for my personal situation, I graduated in September, set to start working mid December (forget you paperwork-ridden credentialing process) in a FT job (140hr/month in 10 hr shifts) and a 1099 which counted my paramedic experience. I am hoping that by working 20-24 shifts per month between both job ill clear 200k by this time next year, not counting bennies. I do live in a state with tax, and my wife is an empty so we will probably get shafted when tax season comes around in 2020...
  10. I know I am SUPER late to this convo, but I just wanted to give my experience as a PA that is 3 weeks from graduating. I didnt read every post because the thread is 3 pages long so I apologize if you have already heard something similar, but if anything itll reinforce the point. As I said I am 3 weeks away from graduating. Just to give you a background, my strong points for applications are a 6 year paramedic background, ER experience, and I speak Spanish. I applied to about 10 jobs, mainly ER jobs, 1 ICU, 1 cardiology job. I heard back from the cardiology job, they asked if I wanted to do 5 nights/week - I politely declined I heard and interviewed from 1 ER job that "takes" 2 grads - three of my 19 classmates also interviewed and got jobs - I was placed on the "we like you but not quite pile" I heard and interviewed from 2 ER jobs that DONT take new grads - one offered me a job that starts about 10k above the new grad avg salary (according to AAPA), the other is a contracted job that says they would email me with the offer and apparently will pay almost $100/hour but only covers malpractice. So 10 applications, 1 call back that I declined, 3 interviews, 2 offers - whats not to love? I have 5 other class mates that have jobs, all in various specialties, based on what they wanted to do. No one has taken a job in a field they didnt want to be in. Keep in mind this is before graduating. Now for the clinical experience: There has only been 1 person, one, in my last 14 months that has treatment any differently, it was an older doctor. No patient has treated me different. I eat at the "doctors" lounge, go to "doctors" lectures, treat patients the same as a doctor would. In the ER I only interact with the doctors when I need to, most of the time the patient is seen, treated, and discharged without having to consult to the docs. I had one patient's family member give me a "look" when I said I was a PA student, but by their discharge they expressed how glad they were that it was me that treated their family member. If you carry yourself with assertion, and show that you know what you are doing, no one will bat an eye. The younger docs are very easy and open to work with, the older ones were trained in a different era, most are out the door. We are their replacement. I may be a new PA, but I am not new to the game. You have made the right choice. Be proud, and represent the rest of us well.
  11. Yeah my wife works at a different hospital system as a NP and her insurance is almost half of what mine would be... we'll be staying on hers
  12. This is in a major city of the Southeast US We have about 5 major hospital systems, so there is a healthy amount of competition.
  13. Hello, I figured I'd post an ED offer I accepted with a well-known national company. I like to read offers and feedback that others have posted here and thought that this was a pretty good offer. So basically just posting this for other new grads to see that they shouldnt take low-ball offers and know their worth Salary: 101,800 starting with 8% increase at 1 year and at 3 years. Incentive program of an added $5 per hour if metrics are met Hours: 140 per month Any additional hours are paid at $60/hour, then $65 at 1 year, then $70 at year 3 CME: $2000 with company offering many free online CMEs Licenses are NOT paid by employer but one can use CME towards it PTO: 144 hours per year, with pay-out if not used 40 hours per year of long term sick 8 paid holidays malpractice and tail covered 401k with .5% match up to 6% after a year insurance, vision, dental paid by employee
  14. Im a GA-PCOM grad (part of the first class - just graduated) feel free to ask me any questions about the program. I applied long ago so I dont remember details from that process.
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