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  1. Nope just the email.. They said we should receive it next week.
  2. Is Unt still giving out anymore interview invites?
  3. Is Unt still giving out anymore interview invites?
  4. I received an interview invite for February 11!! I am so excited!
  5. Thanks you guys for the responses...Jwdavis1 do you know how long invites are sent till? Do they send it up untill March or what?
  6. jrpa, I am on the waiting list right now. Do you happen to know how the waiting list works? I would really like to get into the program because after I interviewed there I saw it was a wonderful program. Thanks for your help.
  7. For those of you who got interviews, are you guys in-state and if so may I ask what your stats were?
  8. jrpa, when did you interview and get the acceptance call? I interviewed in Dec and am waiting to hear back.
  9. jess06, how did you find out that there were 2 seats available. I was going to turn in my supplemental because I recently got it but if there are only 2 seats availabe its probably not worth it.
  10. Congrats ashleymw22, May I ask when you submitted your CASPA and supplemental? Plus when did they contact you? Thanks and gluck on your interview :)
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