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  1. Yes I was doing tours and wearing a bow tie on the first interview.
  2. Super cold here. Literally 1 degree when I left the house this morning!
  3. As for the question of whether interviewing later gives you worse odds... I don't think so. We have people in our class that interviewed at all different times. I won't be at the social Friday, but it is absolutely worth going. As far as sights to visit I would suggest going all over downtown including the west end, old port and east end. I stayed at the inn at St. John near Maine medical center, took the bus to the social on Friday and walked my way through the city to look around. On interview morning I took a cab to UNE.
  4. Hi everyone. I am currently a first year student at UNE. You can direct a post to me if you have any questions about the program. This forum is a big help- I counted on it last year before and after my interview. Zach.
  5. Jessica,

    I just wanted to say thank you for your help during the interview process in November! I was accpeted and will be there in May. Thanks for all of your help and good luck with the rest of the year : )

    Zach Bowman

  6. Cameron, That's awesome. I am living in Lake Oswego right now and I am really excited to move! You are right it will be very expensive to move. I don't have Facebook right now but if someone makes a page I will join. Cameron, when did you interview? I do remember a girl named Emily from PDX at the Nov. interview. Kara, I'm not sure if we met at the interview, but I'm happy we all made it! Maybe us Portland Oregon folks could get together sometime. Anyone Facebook savvy please set our class up because that seems like the beat way to make connections.
  7. Yes Oregon is a great place, but I have been here for too long! When will everyone be moving? Does anyone have any idea where and with whom they will be living for the first year?
  8. I will be coming in from Portland, OR. I am very excited to meet everyone. Anyone interview on Nov. 19th? If so maybe we have met already. Zach
  9. Post here if you are accepted to UNE class of 2014 and will be attending! It would be great to get to know everyone a little bit! Zach
  10. Im not sure what that means. Were you trying to communicate something to me?

  11. Ererterterterterterwer

  12. Lelabg. When did you get in all of your materials? Also, when did you get the e-mail that said your application was under further review?
  13. juliagreenwald. When did you interview? How was it?
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