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  1. I would also really appreciate any packrat forms! My email is leanne_gurney3@yahoo.com! Thanks!
  2. I would also really appreciate any of the packrat forms that you might have! My email is leanne_gurney3@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  3. I am a PA student at The University of New England and have an upcoming rotation at Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital. Does anyone know of housing in that area? Thanks!
  4. I am 4 weeks from finishing my didactic year and I have to agree that my small white board was essential for me! I used it to write out and memorize pharm stuff, anatomy stuff, and physical exam components. I also bought a PANCE study guide which I found really helpful. I would use it the day or so before the test just to make sure that I had the essentials of various conditions down. The book I bought also had sample questions which I found helpful when reviewing for exams.
  5. I am a 24 years old and am in the process of filing out my fafsa form. Does anyone know if I should include my parents information on my fafsa form? I haven't filed as a dependent on their taxes for a couple of years, so I know that I will be considered and independent student, but I'm just not sure if it will help or hurt my case if I include their information?? Any suggestion??
  6. I just sent my deposit in to UNE today! Any suggestions on any books that I should get to brush up on the material before the program starts in June?!
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