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  1. Does anyone know of any volunteer organizations that PAs can go on to supplement the earthquake victim relief efforts in Ecuador?
  2. God whatever you do, don't get one removed. Worse experience of my life and I have 4 sessions left. It's like being spattered repeatedly with hot bacon grease.
  3. Take it from me, it's always better to restructure or eliminate a non-compete before hire. As Paula said, they are more common now and where we live in Michigan, there's no way around it. Every health systmem has them and they are all similiar. I just spent $1200 on attorneys fees to get out of one a few months ago and it was decided by their corporate attorney that the verbiage was extremely broad (every specialty and 30 mile radius of the entire county i worked in - this left me with over an hour commute if I ever wanted to work again). Since it was so broad it was deemed not contractuall
  4. Not my point. There's proper ways to challenge these protocols. I'm not disagreeing with you in what you're saying. Just saying as health care workers the we are in the spot light. People are watching. That's all I'm saying. And, in reference to your comment that quarantines only serve to increase public's fear....you have it backwards. States are creating their own quarantines due to the fact that there IS ALREADY unfounded public fear of a raging epidemic. 21 days is nothing if it makes your community and neighbors feels safer. This woman walking around publicly puts people at unrest
  5. Doesn't matter. Someone in the spotlight of medicine challenging protocol sets a dangerous precedent. 21 days is nothing. Suck it up. Imagine if this virus were to mutate similar to flu strains- become airborne. Once a precedent is set that people can disregard the policies it's game over.
  6. Dear Kaci Hickox. May want to tread lightly. The state of Maine which you're defiantly challenging like a spoiled child also holds your nursing license. Have fun with that.
  7. Can't believe her husband never brought this up to her. Makes me think he might not find this a favorable plan :)
  8. And just food for thought........you should probably contact a Navy Officer Recruiter. When I was in, they guaranteed duty stations for husband and wife together. Especially as a PA. Your starting salary will be much higher than civilian pay and your benefits as well. Less politics involved, and oh, did I mention- tuition reimbursement or a nice signing bonus. Forget civilian contracting, just get a medical corps commission. Done deal.
  9. Oh, sorry, that posting was for Guam. It doesn;t say on what I pasted but you get the gyst of it.
  10. Um, Guam is a US territory, so not really internationally. Same rules should apply as far as PA's go. Food for thought....... Physician Assistants PACIFIC ISLE - needs a PA that wants to do Cardio (will train) or a PA that has worked in Cardiology. Salary, benefits, vacation/CME, etc. start Fall, 2014 after licensing or later. On HOLD (2 locations) - needs several PA (perm) or Nurse Practitioners (perm or 6-12 month locums) - urology, nephrology, pediatrics urgent care (some peds), primary care/IM. One has no Federal Income Tax; the other no State income tax. (EmS-Nb-14) Fo
  11. Hahaha. And why would this be a real question...........
  12. navyflyPAC

    Uro CME

    Hi guys. New Uro PA here as well. I have about a month to brush up on basics before beginning my urology position. Just curious if there's any online specialty training, etc that can help me accomplish this goal of prepping for my job while accumulating CME? There must be something out there. Thanks!
  13. Paula, PM me and let me know how and when I can help. I'm a newb to the profession, but have been around awhile in other capacities.
  14. If this is Paula from MI, then we should start here with our state :)
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