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  1. I also have to say that I RESEARCHED the schools I was applying to. I started out three years ago with a 2.8 GPA. I worked my BUTT off. Getting this GPA up with 180 or so credits is REALLY difficult! My overall is 3.14 now...not stellar, but the last three years..full time..all science have been 3.67. I chose schools that had a mission statement that paralleled what I thought was important....meaning I didn't just throw my hat in the ring to anywhere. I only applied to FOUR schools. I interviewed at 3. I withdrew at one, because I have accepted a seat at my top choice. What I am saying is if you have a passion...show it! Find a school that you know you will do well at. I am not understanding the 20 or so schools that people apply to. Write a phenomenal narrative! Do some research on the program..WHY that school?
  2. Just wanted to add to this discussion. I was recently talking with another applicant. Both of us had been on three separate interviews at different schools. We agreed that we were asked the same questions repeatedly: EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! #1.) Why do you want to be a PA? #2.) What will you do if you don't get in this year? #3.) Why do you want to attend our school?
  3. Thank you in advance for your time in helping me with this issue. I am a non-traditional student and have a competitive application. This is my first year applying. I have applied to 4 schools and have had interviews at 3 of them. A question that seems to reoccur at all of the interviews is something as follows: "The average PA school student is 27 years old, how do you feel you would fit in?" I am paraphrasing, but it has come up at ALL of my interviews. I have been waitlisted at one school, and I have yet to hear from the other two I interviewed with, I am just concerned with this question in particular and how my age is affecting my application, or more precisely how to make it a positive feature. My answer has been, " I have recently returned to school to complete my prerequisites, as some of them were not in the 10 year requirement. During that time I have been involved in extracurricular activities, as well as, interacted with many students that were younger than me. I have studied with many of them and have made several friends. I am certain that I would acclimate well to the PA school environment with younger students". What are your thoughts on this particular question and my response? Am I missing something? Certainly they must know my age considering they have a copy of my transcripts from my earlier years. Am I overthinking this?
  4. Was searching for an On Line Medical Terminology course and found it because of this thread. Three credits through the Iowa Community College Consortium. (Sorry, I don't have the link, but it is on this thread.) It is $152/credit and you apply as a "visiting student", so no transcripts need to be sent. From what I saw, they have a bunch of on-line classes, if your school will accept them. My pre-reqs were beyond the 10 year limit, and some schools wanted Intro to Psych or College Algebra to be recent. Although these are not schools I am applying to, I thought the ease of the application process and the price was decent for a three credit course in Med. Term.
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