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  1. What is the Facebook group? And what ways are you all preparing? Textbooks? Sorry about all the questions... I'm just so excited!!!!!!
  2. Thank you so much. I'll get much better sleep tonight!
  3. tourohopeful108, thank you so much for the encouraging words. I really appreciate it. I have been so stressed about these comments. How would you say your clinical rotations are going? Do you feel adequately prepared? Are you getting to "be the PA"? Thanks for all the info you can give. You have no idea how much this has eased my mind. And thanks for the tips about pre-studying.
  4. She said they were hoping to make all admissions decisions by the Holiday break! CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!!!
  5. Is there anyone out there who likes the program? These comments are very alarming...
  6. Just heard that all interviewed students should know of their decision by the Holidays!!! YAY!!!
  7. We're accepted, now lets get to know each other!
  8. Yeah, I saw that someone from the 10/15 interview got an acceptance on 11/1. It has been 3 weeks for us now... not sure if thats a very good sign. If they are being consistant that it.
  9. Hi! I interviewed on 10/21 and am so anxious to hear. I emailed Colleen yesterday and she said they have let only a few people know of their decision. The faculty was out last week at a conference and should be meeting in about 2 more weeks to discuss all previous interviewees. Guess we'll have to wait just a little bit longer. Its killing me!
  10. Have any interviewers heard anything? I was in the 10/21 interview day and am getting very anxious!
  11. When is your interview, nwinn? December?
  12. Anyone from the 10/28- 10/29 interview heard anything yet?
  13. Has anyone from the October 28-29th interview heard any good news?
  14. when do they tell us if we are accepted? any one know?
  15. I am trying to find Laura Schmitt. We interviewed together on the 10th. Anyway, its Kendra Blosser. I have tried to find you on facebook... do you know how many "Laura Schmitt"s there are on facebook? :)
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