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  1. If you are referring to the EBP credits that are now required, yes they are a pain, but achievable. I am just getting ready to submit my CME as well. If you are still an NATA member there are free EBP credits available. Depending on your field, it is worth keeping the ATC credentials. If you do not submit your CEU's and continue to use the AT letters, check your state AT Licensure statutes because many of them include name protection. That would mean you could not represent yourself as an Athletic Trainer. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I cannot comment on the transition to the UMB master's program as I graduated prior to the transition. There is no issue graduating from AACC and getting licensed in another state. I just graduated in July and moved back to Washington State and had no issue getting my state license, hospital privileges or DEA license. We received our Master's Degree through Saint Francis and it meets the requirement for having a master's degree with no issue. None of my classmates have had issue finding a job either. For clinical rotations you can be sent up to a 100 mile radius of the Arnold campus. Most all of the clinical sites are in Maryland and they are great quality rotations. Hope this helps!
  3. Many students from Maryland PA programs rotate at Hopkins. AACC regularly has students rotating there.
  4. JamBra0- I'm not sure about that percentage. I can tell you this much, I am originally from Seattle flew out for an interview and was accepted to the program. I just graduated this summer and start a job in 2 weeks. So, I wouldn't get caught up in statistics but I would focus on what makes you the best candidate for the program and what you can bring to the class and your classmates. Just my 2 cents! Jen
  5. JamBra0- 1 day of interviews works for AACC. I think when we interviewed there were about 100 of us there for 41 seats in the class. I haven't been at interview day the last 2 years, but it has been about the same for the two classes behind mine. Feel free to ask if you have other questions. But really..... just be patient they will communicate with you. Jen
  6. If I remember correctly we heard about interviews in late October for early December interviews. AACC only conducts 1 day of interviews so everyone will interview on the same day. I had plenty of time to book my plane tickets to fly out for the interview. Just be patient....I know easier said than done.
  7. villjacq- I moved from Seattle to attend school. I chose to live in Annapolis. It's about a 20-25 minute drive to Arundel Mills. You might want to look in Arnold, Severna Park, and the Odenton/Gambrills as well. There are apartments right around the Arundel Mills Campus, but I'm not sure about cost on any of them. Personally, I looked for a place that wasn't super far from campus but that also had lots of other things to do in the area. Yes, you will find that you have some time when you need to just walk away from the books for a little bit of time! Once you complete your FAFSA you will get a financial aid letter from the college, but anything that you want in the way of private loans you will need to take care of on your own. If you have other questions while you are here looking for a place to live or leading up to the start of the program feel free to ask or PM me. The move can be a bit overwhelming. Jen
  8. GRC- I am also a current second year student at AACC. Congratulations on being accepted! Hang on to that excitement as long as you can! I am with Kate in regards to the Master's program, though to me where we get our Master's from doesn't much matter to me. I cared more about my clinical site placements. As a student from out of state who is not staying in Maryland after school, having good well known clinical sites was very important to me. That has been met throughout my clinical placements very well. I feel that AACC students have been well prepared to both pass the PANCE and enter the workforce as contributing members of the medical team. In many of my sites I have worked along side students from other programs in the area and feel that we are extremely well prepared to be in the clinical setting, maybe more so than others. Many of preceptors have commented on how much they enjoy having AACC students because we know our clinical skills and our academic knowledge well. Like any academic program this are not always perfect all of the time. We have had our bumps in the road, but overall I have enjoyed learning from our faculty and preceptors. In our tenure in the program there have not been huge changes to the administration or faculty. I do believe that with a 97-100% first time pass rate on the PANCE the program knows what they are doing. I feel that I am well prepared to start the job that I have already accepted following graduation and to be a contributing member of the medical faculty at the institution I will be working at. I am not staying in the state of Maryland after school, but there were no questions during my 2 days of interviews as to the quality of education I was receiving here at AACC. Please feel free to ask if you have other questions. I am more than happy to help in anyway that I can! Congratulations again! Jen
  9. Congrats to those of you who were accepted! I am a 2nd year student in the AACC program currently. I moved from out of state to attend this program. If you have questions that I can help answer, please feel free to ask!
  10. HappyDay...Thank you for the information! Ketessa....if you are interested in meeting up the night before, let me know. Knowing a friendly face on Friday when we get there might be a great way to break the ice.
  11. Is there anybody else that is traveling for the interview next week? If so, depending on when others get into town, would people be interested in meeting up for dinner or happy hour or something like that on Thursday night before the interview? I am looking forward to meeting everyone next week!
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