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  1. Hi!!


    Ok I think I found you- are you from Utah? Lol. I can't set up the group until I have a friend to invite to it. So once I find you for sure on facebook I can make the group!!



  2. Yea, they get back to you pretty quick. My interview was pretty lengthy, however there were not a lot of things scheduled throughout the day. So as far as the day went, it was pretty short. I've accepted my position in the program and I'm excited for what they have to offer.
  3. I interviewed Nov.15th. Just don't be nervous in the interview. The interviewers are very warm people and they really try to help you feel comfortable. They will add in a lot of laughing and talking as you interview which will help you to gather your mind for each question. Just have fun its not bad at all.
  4. That's good to know! Let's just both cross our fingers and hope we get in. Do you know if anybody received a decline letter? Or did everybody that didn't get acceptanced get a hold letter?
  5. Now its going to be a long waiting game. They have interviews going into February/March. I'm guessing we won't know where we stand until then :-(
  6. Did your letter say "your application and interview were very solid but not quite strong enough for early admission"? I was just wondering if it was a generic statement or if they wrote us each individually.
  7. I just heard back from them today. Unfortunately, I was put on some sort of a waitlist. The email doesn't say waitlist but it says they would like to hold onto my application for future consideration. I think they want to get through some more of their interviews before making a final decision.
  8. They said it would take around 2 weeks to hear back from them
  9. The interview went great! Around 80 get interviews and 34 get a seat in the class. The campus is beautiful. It's the nicest campus I've been to for interviews this far. The faculty is super nice and the interview process is very laid back and not to stressful. I liked everything about this trip. Now I'm just hoping to get accepted.
  10. I'm interviewing this coming week on the 11th. Is anybody else interviewing that day?
  11. I have an interview set up for Oct. 24th! I hope it all go's well, wish me luck
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