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  1. Hey I am a grad from the program...graduated in 2014. Any questions you can post them here or shoot me a message. Regarding when you will hear about invites for interview, it depends when their deadline is over. I had applied September and got called for an interview in January(this was back in 2011) and the deadline was in december, not sure if they have changed it.
  2. This is a good topic I am a new PA as well and am clueless on where to get cat1 and 2 CMEs. Any input would be appreciated.
  3. oayal I was waitlisted back in 2010 for 2011 class, they emailed me within a week notifying me that I was granted a seat for the 2011 class. So hang in there, someone is bound to decline their offer.
  4. What does her ekg show? anyone with dyspnea I would wanna rule out the high acuity of disease. PTX was good guess, what about a PE? 63 y/o female possible underlying cancer?? the peripheral cyanosis is what is tricky...only thing that comes to mind is raynauds, with crest syndrome.
  5. ^ agree with above. There are few CUNY schools in NY that have lower requirements for GPA and HCE. Look at York or Sophie Davis. Good Luck.
  6. ^ agree with above. Did shadowing when I was applying to PA school, and didn't see the point of doing it while in PA school. What is the reason to do it while you are in PA school? During the breaks take some time off and enjoy it with family. That is what I did. I tried to spend as much time with my family.
  7. When is their deadline? Maybe I should tell her to take this year off and apply next year just to make sure about the masters. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your reply, one of my friend's is applying to PA school and was wondering if they were masters or not. Do you know for sure if they are becoming masters? I checked their website but didn't see anything. So I am just relying on speculations about 2016 being the year they change into masters.
  9. Hello everybody just out of curiosity...are they making the york program into a masters? I have heard people say that maybe 2016 or so they are going to be a masters program? any truth to that or are they only offering BS? Thanks.
  10. ^ congrats...now get ready for an intense 3 years.
  11. 1,400 applicants apply roughly...with 56 seats available. Don't know how many they interview tho.
  12. If you read the previous pages of this thread I already addressed your questions. We can't give out specific questions they asked during interview or what was asked on the essay. Best thing is to prepare yourself by googling questions they ask for PA school. Their essay isn't hard either. Good luck.
  13. I agree with the above. Once I finished graduation and passed my boards I sent in the respective application and the fee for licensure. It took about a week to get all the documents in my hand. I know of classmates who applied for the licensure few months before graduation so the state board has a file open in their name. Whatever documents were missing would be updated on their file. Now the hospital credentialing is a whole different ball game and that can take 2-3 months.
  14. I don't think interviewing the last date is bad. When I interviewed back in 2011 it was in January and I had classmates who interviewed much later in January. I don't know if they changed the application process but doesn't hurt to give it a shot.
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