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  1. I haven't received a January review email. I did receive the December one though... Kinda nervous :/
  2. There wasn't one. You have to click on the link on the lodgings page and it'll automatically show up as the "Touro University rate" in small letters when you make the reservation. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sfovl-courtyard-vallejo-napa-valley/?corporateCode=u79&toDate=&fromDate=&app=resvlink I checked my confirmation email and there wasn't a code listed but it said "Touro University rate" under the type of room I booked.
  3. Sorry I probably should've mentioned this sooner but, they're on a break right now. My friend goes to Touro's DO program and he's gone back home to LA for awhile. Campus is closed yesterday and today, at least according to the calendar. They should be open tomorrow, but I'm not sure. p.s. Here's their calendar for reference: https://www.google.com/calendar/b/0/embed?src=touropa2015s@gmail.com
  4. I think they're all Tuesdays so far... Touro is a Jewish institution so they don't hold campus activities on weekends after I think sundown on Friday.
  5. Thanks Timon and FarahAli for your tips! It helps a lot, I couldn't find much info on the forum about the format. Do we need to bring a photo/transcripts/anything to the interview?
  6. I submitted CASPA mid-July, got the supplemental early second week of August.
  7. I'm going on the 16th. Anyone from past years willing to share what the format is like? Are there group interviews?
  8. Robertforest: sorry but are you sure it's a rejection email? I got one saying my application was on hold because my GPA didn't meet the 3.40 they like, but it's not an outright rejection. PAMAC: western doesn't do supplemental invites, it's available openly on their website.
  9. When did you submit your supplemental and was the notification by email/phone/snail mail?
  10. Another thing to note, I think that first week of August they sent out the supplemental invites was the first batch, because I received an email saying they had just fixed the payment system so that it's now working immediately before I received the supplemental invite. So while it took about 2-3 weeks for them to send me something after my CAPSA was verified, it might be a different time frame for you... I submitted my supplemental somewhere around August 15th and haven't heard anything since besides the confirmation that they've received my application.
  11. I didn't get any confirmation but mine was sent in July. I got the supplemental invite the 1st or 2nd week of August.
  12. I submitted mine on August 15th, only thing I've gotten since then is a confirmation of receipt, sent the day after I submitted my supplemental. It looks like last year they sent out interview invites around October, so we've got one more month to go!
  13. Yes. They gave me 30 days as well. Some schools give you only 2 weeks. Good thing touro was more generous!
  14. I guess the usual questions here :) : When did you guys submit and did you get it through email/call or check the status of your app? Thanks and good luck on the interview!
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