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  1. Hi, everyone! My name is Jessica, and I'm a second year student at MCPHS at the Manchester campus (very soon to be a graduate!) I just wanted to let you all that are still looking for apts know that I stayed at a Red Oak apartment that was about 25 minutes away from the school (walking) but they also have some apts closer to the school that you might be interested in. When I first moved in, they had an awesome special of $500 off first month's rent, and I'm not sure about now, but if anyone is interested in knowing about any upcoming specials, you can call 603-988-1154 to speak to Gilbert, one of the leasing consultants (and my husband :) ) His email is gilbert@redoakapts.com if you wish to communicate with him this way, and this way, he can send you a lot more information about the apts. Good luck everyone! See you at orientation!
  2. Hi everyone, congratulations on your acceptance to MCPHS! That's one huge hurdle out of the way and on to the next so don't sigh just yet hahaha jk What I mean is it's a big accomplishment getting this far in the process to becoming a PA but it's only 1/4 of the process (1)acceptance, 2)graduation, 3)PANCE, and 4)job acceptance) I'll be starting my rotations this year and am looking to sell the books I used for didactic year. If anyone's interested, add me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/jessica.montemayor.92 and let me know via message or comment.
  3. I applied for the Jan 2013 start. I'm pretty sure they changed the deadline or else they wouldn't have taken my application lol I remember applying the day it was due
  4. I applied for the CitiAssist health professions loan, and I got it...you should look into it :)
  5. I've heard of people getting in as late as Dec for Jan starts. I say give it a go! It's only a few dollars to apply and no supplemental fee :)
  6. Update: CitiAssist (and I'm guessing most loan companies) won't let you apply until September for the Jan start of class.
  7. I know how you feel; I just got over that feeling when I received an invitation to MCPHS' program. I recommend applying to as many schools as you can. You will get at least one hit with that GPA (and yeah, get SOME hce...maybe through volunteering?)
  8. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Worchester and Manchester campuses) both start Jan 2013, however, you can only apply to one of them.
  9. Congrats, jmiller :D I saw in the Worchester forum that someone has answered your question regarding cadavers for a&p. Changing the subject, has anyone looked into CitiAssist health professions loan as an option to pay for school and/or personal finances? If anyone has a better option, please let us know. Some of us (me :/) are new at applying for loans...
  10. Dang, you really sold yourself! Great job and congratulations on your acceptances :)
  11. "The ends justify the means in this case." Well put! To the OP: as long as you keep that in mind, you will succeed. The people you should really be talking to at this point is your hubby and your immediate family. I, too, will be having a 6 wk old baby by the time my program starts, and having a plan of action set up by the family and the hubbs will give you the best peace of mind. God has something special in store for you; all it takes from your part is faith and determination. Good luck!
  12. Undergrad Ed School: University of TX-Pan American Cumulative Undergrad. GPA:3.44 (caspa weighed= 3.0) Science Undergrad. GPA:3.0 (caspa weighed=2.98) Graduate Ed School: N/A Cumulative Graduate GPA: N/A Science Graduate GPA: N/A Age at application time : 23 1st GRE: 1030 2nd GRE: N/A Direct Patient Care : 48 hrs as a CNA student, 200 hrs as a hospital volunteer Extracurricular/Research Activities: IV pharmacy technician for 5 yrs, volleyball team captain for intramural and city volleyball leagues for 3 seasons, research assistant in the biology department (freshwater biology and microbiology) for 2 yrs and research project coordinator for 1.5 yrs, coordinator of youth group bible study during the start of LifeTeen in my hometown church for 2 yrs and C.C.D. teacher's aide for 4 yrs, A&P lab coordinator of 2 classes for a semester and microbiology lab coordinator for a summer session. Shadowing: 4 hrs Dermatology PA, 80 hrs Family Practice PA+NP+MD, 25 hrs Surgery MD, 8 hrs Pediatric PA Schools Applied: MCPHS Boston, MCPHS Manchester, UTPA, Texas Tech Application Submitted Date: caspa= 9/30/2011 Schools Received Application Date: 10/14/2011 Interview Invites: 3 (UTPA, Texas Tech, Manchester) Denied: 1 (UTPA) Withdrew Application: 1 (Boston) Waitlisted: 1 (Texas Tech) Accepted: 1 (MCPHS Manchester) :) Attempts: second My advice: Set your sights far (if you can, financially) and PRACTICE your interviewing skills; talk to whoever and to as many ppl as you can about your aspirations as this will ease your nerves. And as you can see, my grades and gre are not very pretty and I was still accepted so don't let those factors get you down. This was my second time around and I was accepted to a university over 3,000 miles away from my hometown- God has something very special in store for everyone and it is up to you to make sure it happens :)
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