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  1. Does Anyone know of a Physician Assistant who is willing to allow me to Shadow them?
  2. Thanks Looking forward to being verified as well. Best of Luck to All!
  3. Two in half weeks. :)
  4. I'm excited about this application cycle. Has anyone started on the Supplemental Application?
  5. I need to Shadow a P.A. to establish a rapport with them for recommendations . Anyone know of any P.A.'s willing to allow a pre-PA stu. to shadow with all the "Hippa" laws and all. Iwould greatly appreciate it.
  6. Praying to get in as well! I agree excellent facilities. I love the atmosphere as well!:=D:
  7. Hi do you have any advice on students trying to get into pa school with a low gpa. Thank You

  8. I am a mom and plan on attending on pa school maybe you can share experiences. Thank You blessn10

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