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  1. Thank you all for your replies. Camoman1234 did you mean to say option 2 will be much better for his/her patients, learning, longevity of his/her career? Thanks
  2. Hello, I've been offered two positions in primary care and need help deciding which one is better for the long run. A little history- I've been practicing for about a year now; was working in a clinic as the only provider and would consult with the sp over the phone. This was the hardest thing I've ever done as new grad and would not recommend new grads to do this. The provider was not readily available and sometimes would not respond to the calls immediately- honestly the learning opportunity was not great- I still feel weak in management on chronic illness as the sp would see the patients on the days that sp was in the clinic and I'd do the minor cases- example hp,pap,uti. and when sp saw the patients sp didn't discuss the cases with me as the patients were over booked. We barely reviewed cases at the end of the day- charting was another problem I won't go into. I have some knowledge but not the best and feel like I need some mentorship. Both positions are claims-made policies. Already signed a contract with the 1st position and delegation agreement has been submitted to the board-awaiting confirmation (scheduled to start work anytime soon). I have to respond to position 2 if I'm accepting the position or not. I really need help deciding. Thanks. Positon 1: 100K salary Would be the only provider on site: 3 times per week 12hrs shift and work 2 sat per month- SP would be available via phone for consultation 20 mins from home, No call 3 week vacation 3 sick days 3 days cme-$1500 4 month notice if I decide to leave practice Retirement package available after practicing there for 1 year. Positions 2: 95K (non-negotiable) 35 mins from home Work days: M-F no weekends On call every 6 weeks This would be a group practice- Bonus there are providers in the office I can consult with $500 cme (non-negotiable) 5 days cme 3 week vacation days Retirement package starts after 90 days and company matches upto 3% No sick days separated from vacation days 2 month notice if decide to terminate.
  3. Also make sure that your science classes are not more than 5 years old or else they will not accept them. Goodluck everyone!
  4. I'm currently a Howard University PA student. The program is great, lots of work no games. The professors care about the students and want them to succeed. It's a wonderful program. Goodluck with the upcoming interviews and be prepared to shine. Be able to answer why Howard PA? Why do you want to be a physician assistant? What's the history of Howard PA program? Who's your support team? What are your strengths/weakness? Why should we pick you? What would you do if you don't get selected?Smile and keep a positive attitude. Shake hands and be respectful to each student and staff. Dress professional on the day of the interview!!! You will have one interview with 2 faculty and a student and then a group interview. Gooodluck.
  5. Thank you Stephanie...congrats Abel on the acceptance. I look forward to the new facebook group :)
  6. Got my acceptance letter for the Fall 2013!!! Congrats to everyone else that has been accepted!
  7. congrats Stephanie I'm still waiting I was in the March interview and have not heard anything, do u know what might be taking too long?
  8. congrats Stephanie I'm still waiting I was in the March interview and have not heard anything, do u know what might be taking too long?
  9. congrats Stephanie I'm still waiting I was in the March interview and have not heard anything, do u know what might be taking too long?
  10. You should be out by 1pm...which airport are you guys flying into? if its the one in DC (Reagan you should be fine it your flight is at 4-5pm). If it's dulles best bet extend it to maybe 7pm, traffic to that airport is crazy hope that helps and goodluck to everyone
  11. Thank you Marru, I wish you guys all the best! Keep me updated
  12. Hey Marru, just had my interview today...It wasn't bad at all just be yourself!
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