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  1. https://www.aapa.org/advocacy-central/federal-advocacy/pas-and-the-fair-labor-standards-act/ Although I know many places (ER's particularly) who seem to somehow work around (or flat out ignore) the overtime rules.
  2. My understanding is he can come out of quarantine on day 10 if his symptoms are improving and he is fever free for 24 hours. However, his family is considered to be be having repeated exposures if they remain in same household and should continue to quarantine for 10 more days after his quarantine ends.
  3. What part of the country are you in? Willing to relocate?
  4. Got this email from the hospital system I work for a couple days ago.
  5. As of Oct 1, the system I work in went live with all labs/notes being immediately visible to patients. This is apparently based on a federal law that was passed that goes into effect Nov 1. Exceptions are psych, abuse, pregnant minors.
  6. Wouldn't miss it one single bit. Financially would be hard and that's it. I did marine science for 11 years first and every day I ask myself what the fuck I was thinking changing careers. I run voly with the local rescue squad and would continue that for sure.
  7. That sounds awesome. Especially as I just came off a 10 hour shift that turned into 12 hours where orders in Epic were not working the entire time and we were on down time procedures. Wait times were 4+ hours. The thought "I hate my life" may have been muttered a few thousand times.
  8. That's waaaaay too much. That is practically the equivalent of working a 10 hour day, every day of the month. I don't know how you do it. I do about 140-170 a month and want to die.
  9. Nice catch. That would of been an easy miss.
  10. I'm about to pay off my loans in full and can't wait. I have the money now, but with interest at 0% until Sept I'm letting it sit in my money market until then. I'm 7 years out of school. I agree with some of the points above though - while I'm super stoked to pay off my loans I'll still have 5 months emergency cash in savings, another 4 months in a mutual fund I could access if needed plus fully funded Roth IRAs for both me and husband. Don't fully deplete your savings to pay off the loans, but I'm all for paying them off as fast as possible!
  11. Another thing I'll add is that because of my commute, on my days off I find I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because I'm so tired of driving. So there is that to consider.
  12. As above - I get a notification and that is pretty much it. But I only get notified if I test the patient and they come back positive. If I see them, they bounce back 2 days later and are tested then and come back positive, I never hear a thing. They check our temp at work but otherwise we are expected to self monitor our symptoms.
  13. I've been doing a schedule like that for 7 years now. If the hour drive is reliably an hour, that's easier (I drive mostly more rural roads, rarely have to worry about traffic). I did 12's for 6 years and it was fine (9a-9p). Now I still have same commute time but I'm doing 10's that can turn into 12's. Day shift is okay. Night shift is roooouuuugh. Did I wish I had a shorter commute? Absolutely. Is it doable? Yes. Also think about your car. I've put 25K miles on it in the last year.
  14. Thank you for the reminder that next time I think to myself "omg this pt is crazy" that maybe I should stop and listen to the patient.
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