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  1. Took a little less than two months for me, but then again there was an error during my CASPA app screening so it might be different for you!
  2. I submitted CASPA May 25th and my 2ndary the first week of June, and the only notification I received was on Jun 29th saying that my application was complete and ready for review. It said that the review may take at least four weeks so I'm still waiting here too...
  3. Same boat as you too. I was invited and was only able to get the November date. Coming from CA for a chance at 10 seats on a later interview date... I'm feeling very anxious as well.
  4. Sights set on UMDNJ too! Set to interview this Aug 6 and I'm scouring PA advice columns and forums for potential questions the committee might ask @_@
  5. Disheartening letter received in the mail from the FNP/PA program today. Time to get ready for next year's application pool, hopefully with more HCE and a stronger app to submit..
  6. Hey! Are there any PAs (particularly Family Practice or General Surgery) in the Sacramento to San Francisco Bay Area that will allow me to shadow them? I'm trying to keep myself constantly immersed in the work of a PA so I would be truly grateful for the opportunity. Please contact me at mjrdiaz@ucdavis.edu for any questions! Thanks, Mark D.
  7. Really they said they won't be confirming apps?? That's really weird.. Nice to talk to fellow UCD candidates though! It's great to finally talk to others aiming for the same school. Does anybody here in this thread have any experience applying in the past? How was it??
  8. Hi, I haven't heard anything yet except that UCD received my application and that a response can be expected as early as October/November. It's so nerve-wracking. I'll be crossing my fingers with you haha
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