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  1. I got an interview invite for the 11th but I declined so hopefully someone else gets my spot!
  2. I got an interview invite for the 11th but I declined so hopefully someone else gets my spot!
  3. Hey guys the group is officially set up!! hope u all can find and join it UTHSCSA- PA Class of 2014 (B)!
  4. PM your guy's names to me so i can find you on facebook and start a group UTHSCSA- PA Class of 2014 (B)!
  5. Lol I know! I haven't found a Facebook group yet maybe we should start one I have no idea how so I'm giving u the honors lol
  6. realtalk36, they did inform us at the our interview that ours was the last session and that they plan on selecting their class this week. just as a side note for those of u who didn't know they have shortened their program from 33 months to 25 1/2 months! and what was great about this year was that it was not rolling admissions so we were all on a level playing field since they hadn't selected anyone for admission yet and they increased their class size to 40 this year!
  7. i know i didn't put fluent down lol! i'm pretty decent at spanish i'm better at understanding than speaking, and i'm worried i'll forget everything i learned when they ask me!
  8. I submitted my app in may and my supplemental a couple weeks later...does anyone know if they're going to be doing the spanish conversation this year?
  9. you guys are quiet on here! i guess we're all waiting for that last interview date to pass huh?
  10. Just got a phone call today for an interview this Saturday!! Don't lose hope u guys i sent in my app in may and just got called do for those of u still waiting keep ur heads up
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