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  1. Did you guys get an email or phone call?
  2. Has anyone who interviewed last week at Duke received an acceptance email?
  3. Has anyone received their acceptance email yet? Will we being getting an acceptance package in the mail too?
  4. I would prefer a little bit earlier. I'm interviewing in the morning session.
  5. I will also being coming in from out of state and would love to grab a bite to eat with some people. I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express too. What time should we meet in the lobby?
  6. Yes I did! We talked for quite a bit. I'm in the same boat. I still have a few more interviews, but it is definitely a great school. :)
  7. blues91776: I also got an early acceptance phone call last night. Will you be accepting their offer?
  8. Strange. Did they give a date when they will make a decision?
  9. Has anyone that received an interview invite been sent more details about the day itself? I picked Oct. 20th for my interview, but have not received a follow-up email.
  10. TheLurg1687....... me too. Have you tried contacting the program?
  11. Have they sent out rejection letters yet? I haven't received any news either way.
  12. Did anyone from the August Interviews hear back yet?
  13. ok thanks! I'm in Tampa......nothing either. Hopefully we will both hear something soon!!!
  14. Has anyone received an interview invite and lives in the southeast? Just wondering if they interview applicants from the northeast earlier than the rest? Thanks
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