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  1. @thatgirlonabike No, I'm not bilingual. We have an interpretation services that works great and has so many languages. Sure, Spanish helps, but its not the only language that is needed. I have had a lot of patients that speak Haitian Creole, Russian, Portuguese, Mam and K'iche (very common Guatemalan dialects), Mandarin, Tamil, and so many others. You can message me for more information if you like. Oh, our facility also qualified for NHSC loan repayment program which has been a great help for me.
  2. I work with this population, but once they get to the detention center. We work for a contracted company to DHS called STG International. We have facilities all over the US, Im just outside Phoenix. Our administration is by PHS officers and we follow their policy for Immigration Health Service Corps. Ive been here 3 years and love my job. We manage chronic and acute conditions. Some of my patients are only there for a few weeks, and others for years (longest has been 7 years so far). Pay is good for the area, and benefits are reasonable. We currently have a PA position open at my facility (Eloy, Az) and many others around the states. 40 hours a week, salary (~135 +), no overtime- you leave at the end of your shift. 3 week vacation, 1 week sick leave, 1500 CME, 401 K with some match. Yes, as stated above, NCCPA certification is required.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. It feels right to hold off until the specialist appt to me. My SP is at another facility and suggested starting DMARD prior to appt, however he isn't on site to help manage if problems arise. Rheum referral is already set and patient is happy to have a possible diagnosis to his long time complaints. Thanks again.
  4. I would love the advice from anyone, especially Rheumatology PAs. I have a patient that I am referring to rheum, but the appt. is over 8 weeks out (that's the first avail for NP). 30 something male with "bones hurt" (shoulders, elbows, wrists, PIP, knees, ankles) complaint for 3 years. Positive RF of 71, CCP >250, ESR wnl, CRP 20, ANA negative, Hepatitis/HIV negative. Awaiting hand imaging. Would you start on the MTX protocol or wait until rheum eval? We are in a different situation as I work in an ICE detention center. Not sure how long the patient will be in custody, could be many weeks to many months. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks
  5. I spent over 20 years in ophthalmology and did my masters paper on the use of PAs in ophthalmology. From my research there are not many, but they are out there. They are used as a medical ophthalmologist, treating acute injuries and infections, chronic conditions like monitoring retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, etc. Refractions can be done, but not for prescription purposes- almost how a lot of tech's can refract. Most that I found were located on the eastern side of the country. A quick google search is how I found most of them. All the PAs I spoke with learned everything on the job from an ophthalmologist that was willing to train. Some had worked in ophthalmology before, others had not. It can be done, as long as a willing supervising MD/ophthalmologist can be found.
  6. Thank you for the great information!! Makes a lot more sense now.
  7. Hi, As a new PA there are topics that come I have such little experience with. In PA school, the Cardiac lipoproteins weren't really discussed. We were taught about the ATP III guidelines for treating cholesterol. My SP orders the lipoproteins for all elevated LDL levels to help her determine if treatment is necessary. I would love others opinions and experience with these. I have read up on them and still unsure on using them in family practice to guide treatment rather than the ATP III guidelines. She orders " Cardio IQ lipoprotein, hsCRP, homocysteine" . Thanks!!
  8. Hello, Im attending school out of state and hoping to get a few of my rotations back home in Arizona. If anyone has any leads to help me get started I would appreciate it. I have made numerous calls and emails without luck so far. Preferable greater Phoenix area or Lake Havasu/Parker. Rotations Im looking for are: ED, Inpatient, Women's health, Behavioral, Rural medicine Thanks in advance..
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