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  1. Anyone familiar with the Progressive Emergency Physicians Residency for PAs? I was perusing indeed and came across this. Not much info on the site beside filling out your contact information. The Indeed post said there's a 100K yearly stipend along with benefits, which sounds great for a residency!
  2. Thanks for the advice! Most of what I've heard is how terrible night shifts are on the body. Glad to hear someone enjoys them!
  3. Hello all! I've just accepted a new position doing 4 10hr night shifts M-Th! I'm really excited about it. It's my second job out of PA school. I wanted some tips on how to stay rested and healthy as I transition to this shift. I used to be a night person so I'm hoping I bounce back easily. Eating tips? Exercise only on days off? Maintain sleep schedule even on weekends? Also any book recommendations would be appreciated as well. My first job was in an office setting so I feel like my acute care knowledge is lacking. I'm now going into inpatient orthopedics. Thanks in advance!
  4. It's not much of an HR issue. We were told to make the schedule ourselves so the practice can have the best coverage. Unfortunately there isn't another day they can manage with just two us. I was kind of blindsided by the new PA who is very insistent and said she was going to do four 10 hr shifts with Fridays off. It's really just a matter of speaking up. I never would have asked if she didn't bring that up. Honestly I just don't want there to be any tension or animosity with a new employee.
  5. Salary. We're all paid for a 40 hr work week, no OT.
  6. How do you handle schedules with physician extenders (PA & NP) in your practice? Does everyone work the same or so you work it out so everyone is satisfied? I was the only PA at my practice for 2 yrs. I work 8:30-5, which ends up being 6 with auths, calls and results to review. So about 47 hrs weekly. A new NP started 6 months ago. Who worked her schedule to be four days, 8-6 with a day off. A new PA started 2 weeks ago and now also wants 8-6 with a day off because she's used to it. We're creating the schedule for ourselves. My issue is I didn't even know this was an option as I worked my ass off keeping this practice running working OT without even thinking about it. With an 8-6 schedule they get 2 hrs without patients to do the things I scramble to do in OT. The NP mentioned that I should have two 8-6 shifts to switch off with the new PA so that it's even and fair. I briefly mentioned it to the new PA but said she could only maybe spare one day because she wants to do this teaching job she used to have but currently isn't doing. This doesn't make sense because she wasn't hired with an 8-6 schedule. Should I stand my ground? I hate office conflict and prefer for people to get along. However, it seems like I'm getting the short end of stick when I'm technically the senior PA.
  7. Hello all! I'm a fairly new PA and I've been working at my job in Urology for a little over a year now. My first year was spent mostly getting used to the patient population, learning the diseases and how to do a proper H&P. I've got that down pretty well. Lately I've been trying to take a step further and doing better at the DDx and Plan. Now for the straight forward topics, that's no problem. My issue comes in where I need to know more in depth information that may not be about urology specifically but relates to the CC and will help make me a better clinician. I asked around and got a few book recommendations. However, I feel like they're the typical: symptoms, physical, diagnosis and treatment, which I don't feel I get much out of. Basically, I'm asking for recommendations for clinical learning books that focus on hospital medicine and maybe pathophys? Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  8. Ah thank you so much! I am biweekly. What I was doing was multiplying my biweekly rate times 2 and then multiplying that by 12. Using 26 pay periods makes it much closer to what was agreed upon. Off by $7 biweekly but I'm ok with that haha. I'm not very financially savvy. Once again thank you! You helped prevent me from making a bit of a fool of myself. :-)
  9. So I just got my first paycheck today after starting my first job as a PA 3 weeks ago (hooray!). However, when I calculated the gross pay for a year, it is about 6,000 less than we had discussed. Which it greatly below national average. Now I know I probably should've checked this before, but I guess in my oblivion I assumed they're a well respected hospital that hires PAs regularly, so they wouldn't rip me off. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or insight on this. Maybe there is a reason why that I'm unsure of. Just so I don't bring this up for no reason. Also to be clear the rate I'm talking about is without taxes. The taxes were taken out of the gross pay today. And also who would I even go to about this? The only person I discussed it with was the recruiter. Since I signed my offer letter, does this mean that it can't be changed? Thanks any help would be appreciated! P.S I know it was irresponsible of me to not check or say something before starting. I'm kicking myself now. :-/
  10. Hi all! I'm a new grad with a job at a hospital. I was told by the recruiter that the department would pay my licensing fee. I know that many employers typically do this and I was just wondering how. Do you pay then get reimbursed or what? I've emailed the department administrator with no response and I really want to get my application in soon. My start date is 2 months from now! Due to how long it would take to get all the licensing and the credentialing process at the hospital. Just hoping that getting that taken care of sooner will let me start sooner. I'm also in NY if that would matter. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for your reply! I'll definitely keep them. Maybe it won't seem so daunting once I organize it. Congratulations on graduating!!
  12. Hey guys! I just finished my didactic year and was wondering if I'm going to need notes I took or study guides I made during my clinicals along with a PANCE review book to help me study. Has anyone done this or thrown out their notes and regretted it? There's just so much I've accumulated after one year and I'm moving out so I have this urge to throw them in the trash! Any input would be helpful. Thanks!
  13. I just got my acceptance letter!! Ah i'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! Haha. Can't wait to meet all of those attending! :smile:
  14. I just got my acceptance letter!! Ah i'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! Haha. Can't wait to meet all of those attending! :smile:
  15. I haven't heard back either...still patiently waiting!
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