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  1. Count me in! :) I'll be driving up though....excited to meet y'all!
  2. Yeah, exactly....I am wondering the same! The "hold" status is super confusing. But I guess its better than downright rejection??
  3. All the best to those interviewing tomorrow! I still haven't heard anything back....very little hope left :(
  4. *twiddling thumbs and biting nails hoping for an interview* sigh.
  5. One more person right here to join the "hold boat". Lets hope for the best! fingers crossed.
  6. After submitting the supplemental, how long did you guys have to wait until you heard back for the interview?
  7. I applied End of July...still haven't heard back anything yet. Kinda freaking out :(
  8. Yes, makes perfect sense...thank you jordanknox21. The payment site doesn't seem to be working for me...will try again later.
  9. As for as I know, its true. Touro is notorious for being pricey. The numbers are disgustingly ridiculous. :(
  10. For those of you who emailed in your supplemental app, can you please explain to me what they mean by this "email your documents as a single file (not multiple pages" there are multiple pages to the file....I am kinda confused! :\
  11. how long does it take to receive the supplemental application? They got my application mid-august....still haven't heard anything except that they got the app. kinda worried :\
  12. Its almost October now. Anybody heard from Davis yet? Are they doing supplemental apps like other schools?
  13. Is it too late to apply? I know the deadline is in December but I missed the key information that this school was on a rolling basis for admissions :(
  14. Yes I received an email also saying that they have received my application. No news of supplementals yet!
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