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  1. I recently passed my PANCE and am now a PA-C. My dream and goal has always been to work in outpatient primary care. As I start my search for my first job I am finding a lot of postings for experienced PAs in outpatient family medicine. In addition, I have seen several posting for urgent care clinics. Does anyone have advice or an opinion about working in Urgent Care as your first job? At least to get my foot in the door.
  2. Have you looked into or applied to Yale University PA Program? They only look at your science GPA. Your varied history and experience should be fully reflected in your personal statement so as to demonstrate the path you have taken to get to the PA profession and why it is the best career choice for you. Also make sure you rock the GRE. The easiest way to increase your verbal score is through studying vocabulary. Finally keep accruing HCE and shadowing in various areas of practice so you can pull from those experiences during an interview. They will also help you fully understand the various roles and relationships PAs encounter in the workplace. As far as number of programs I would at least double your number to 12 and if you only want to apply once then choose a variety of schools (locations, type of program, etc).
  3. Yale: --Having multiple elective rotations with ability to do a rotation in any specialty --Rotation sites close by, around the US and even internationally --The feeling of family within the class and also the program as a whole (not stuck up Ivy league like I was concerned about before interviewing) --Cadaver dissections in anatomy based on common surgical procedures and processes --Not being stuck in the classroom 8am-5pm everyday
  4. Your numbers look pretty good, but I would say it really depends on how your interview goes. Can you talk about exactly why you want to be a PA? Can you reflect on things you have learned from your hands-on patient experience and shadowing? Also, people at Yale love research so that might help you out a little.
  5. We were going to stay in NE until my husband could receive his 3 year bonus. The rent and cost of living are so high in the NE, I am not sure we could manage paying the bills in two locations. Given the above advice, it might be better to forego the 3 year bonus and just start working in the Midwest sooner.
  6. After I graduate and pass the PANCE, I will be staying in my current location (in the NE) for 6-8 months. Then my husband and I plan to move back to the midwest where both of our families are located. My question for all of you is: what sort of job should I be looking for for this short period of time especially as a new grad? I assume I cannot simply negotiate a normal contract and then leave 7 months later. I would prefer to work in the outpatient setting but would also be willing to do ED or internal medicine/hospitalist. Can a new grad do locum tenens?
  7. I typed that into the Facebook search bar and it didn't find any results.
  8. I accepted my spot yesterday! So excited! Where is everyone come from? Are we going to start a Facebook group?
  9. For those of you who already interviewed...what did you wear to the dinner with the students?
  10. My husband and I recently moved to the St. Louis area. I am planning on applying to PA this cycle (for the 2nd time). A big suggestion from the schools I applied to last year was to shadow more PAs; however, since we just moved here I don't have any contacts. I have a BS in biology/neurobiology from the University of Iowa, and I am free any time to shadow.
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