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  1. Unfortunately, working too many hours seems to be more commonplace than it should. It is not right that we are salaried therefore others feel it is acceptable we do not have enough time left in the day to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a personal/family life. After too many years of this I feel retirement is the only option. Don't fall into the trap.
  2. Sorry SAS, I just saw this. It has been some time since I called. I just stated that I was a graduate and looking for a copy of my transcript. I don't remember facing any obstacles. Did you have any luck?
  3. I just called the "school house" in San Antonio and with a written release, they sent the paperwork.
  4. The amount of unemployment assistance you would receive in my state is based on your most recent quarterly earnings. I wonder if taking a cut in pay, then later getting furloughed, may affect the amount you are eligible to receive.
  5. entpac

    Military Recall

    Originals22, Thanks for the clarification and thanks for serving.
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    Military Recall

    cc 56 - I am sure I will stay busy at my current job in a major medical center. I am glad there was such a positive response to the call for help. We anticipate a surge of patients in the near future and are preparing to manage the situation as it presents. It struck me as odd to not see PA's listed in the DFAS newsletter since we bring so much experience.
  7. SAS - so glad to hear your wife is with you! Best wishes. I will be taking call if a resident ENT team goes down. I take my job for what it is. I would work using the one N 95 I have (for airway consults) and stay away from my family. Should this scenario come to pass, I will be living in a camper parked outside of my home.
  8. As a retired military PA with over 20 years of honorable service, I find it odd that the request for assistance from retired/ previous service members for COVID 19 response does not include PA's. Having served for months with a unit overseas, no physician in the immediate AO, I find it difficult to believe my skills are not valued now. Are any other retired military PAs sharing the same sentiment?
  9. I received a DFAS newsletter today. Army announced voluntary recall of retired providers today. NPs mentioned but not PAs. I am a retired Army PA with over 20 years active service and am disappointed in this decision. As an LPN prior to choosing the PA Career Path, I never saw this coming.
  10. I am salaried. Our physicians get RVU bonuses every year. PA's do not. I give a small gift to our MA's and nurses because they are hard workers and work on "overload" almost every day. We couldn't do what we do, as well as we do it, without them! Although it is costly, giving a small token of appreciation to the MA's and RN's is another way of acknowledging them. Giving gifts is a personal choice and some of the other PA's do not give gifts. If giving from the heart, give, but it is not an obligation.
  11. I wear a.mask if the patient is acutely ill and tell them "there's a virus going around." I wear one in the room if there is a heavy tobacco smoke smell too.
  12. They can be a trigger for an asthmatic, yet they are subject to exposure when they come to a clinic.
  13. We have several surgeons in our group. At state level I have one primary and all the others listed as alternates. This protects me if my SP decides to leave or if I have to go to the OR while on call at night or if a Resident is not available.
  14. We always read our own images, usually same day the imaging is done then later compare to the "final Radiology read." (It may take a couple of days for a Radiology read.) At times, we request the Radiologist consider an addendum to their report however that is not a frequent occurrence. We have an excellent Neuroradiologist on staff that we can query for any concerns.
  15. I took it for the last time in my career, 2017, after working many years in ENT. I took a general review course a year prior and used that to identify my weaknesses however with the NCCPA template could have done just as well. Although review courses really aren't my thing, HIPPO works well for a basic review and is user friendly. I had no problems passing the PANRE and did not even come close to the pass / fail mark. Best advice is to get a good night's sleep and go in there focused!
  16. Pri Med. This site has free CME that meets our state requirement for "Narcotics and Pain Management.". There are several other topics available.
  17. My hospital would have absorbed the cost. No question about it. I sincerely hope this gets rectified for your patient. This likely caused a great deal of stress for the patient involved and an apology from the group making the error is appropriate. I agree that it would be illegal to charge the patient for performing a test that was not ordered.
  18. I have written for fluoroquinolones, even with steroids on rare occasions, and always counsel appropriately and document. I have a standard paragraph that I use when charting. This is reviewed with the patient verbally, word for word, then printed as "patient instructions." In the clinical note I document the "patient verbalized understanding." EMR makes this a little less time consuming and the patient takes paperwork home for reference. Tendinopathy is more commonly encountered in our practice; I have never personally seen tendon rupture. I also counsel about the potential for increase
  19. Yes, the beauty of being a PA is the ability to switch course if needed. I am truly sorry to hear reallyconfusedPA regret going into medicine. I wonder if there was not a strong mentor early on. I worked with PA students on their phase 2 clinic rotations in the service and have been a preceptor in the civilian sector. I always recommend finding a strong mentor before you sell yourself short.
  20. Camoman, I totally agree. This job was previously done by other employees. That is why I am looking for a new job. A new Chief of Dept of Surgery was hired then a new Chief of Otolaryngology was hired. The new Chief of Surgery is driving the train based on direction from his Chief. They have many more filled staff positions. I am the only PA here Monday through Friday and need a job to support my family. Husband is truly disabled. Although I love my field, I have reached my tolerance limit. In January I will be 59 1/2 and able to draw from 401 Ks without penalty but would like to con
  21. TWR. I am not proud about working these hours which is why I am looking for a new job. The additional job of FMLA paperwork was recently delegated. I work in a large academic center. I actually scheduled an interview for a part time job with a different department. Unfortunately communication was through the hospital email and not coincidentally, clinic ran over into the Skype interview time. That is why Urgent Care sounds appealing I am a retired military PA and have run clinics on my own in foreign countries without a physician on site for months. I love being a PA but this situation
  22. UVAPAC - who is working 8 hour days? My days often start at 7 am. I am often seeing patients until after 5 pm with no lunch. At the end of the day I have at least 5 or 6 test abnormal test results to follow up on by phone (If I'm lucky I'll get the patient on my first call). Then I am the person to fill out FMLA forms for all of the surgeons in our group (there are 8, multiply that times the patient's needing FMLA for their kid's appointments, their appointments or surgery). I am after 24 years as a PA (20 in this specialty) considering an Urgent Care or Primary Care job. I have also con
  23. LonguylandPA, Glad to hear you left that position. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there. It is difficult but not impossible to find a good PA job. I think the position you were in was not "recoverable." Your job was unreasonable and dangerous (for you and the patients). Keep looking and keep your chin up.
  24. kmb5662, Did you take a job at GMC?
  25. Don''t give up on yourself. I agree that a new grad should never read CXRs, CTs or MRIs alone. I started with a good primary book: "Chest, Abdomen, Bone and the Total Patient." This is a book of exercises in diagnostic radiology by Lucy Frank Squire, MD. My edition is copyright 1982 and I am not sure if it is still available. If subjective history, clinical exam and test results make you feel uncomfortable (your instinct tells you something is wrong), always run it by a colleague / sp and have them examine the patient. I had a patient with complaint of recurrent neck swellin
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