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  1. Congrats futurePA1234!! It's definitely an exciting feeling. Thanks for putting up the info about the accreditation I was curious about it too. I look forward to meeting and studying together in August!
  2. Have either of you received the email for the background check and what are your plans for housing?
  3. @erika_erikovna My GPA is actually not that high but I have a lot of health care and volunteer experience. I think they review the applicant's experience overall and not just emphasize on the GPA so there is definitely hope for others with lower GPAs. Good luck and stay positive it will happen! :)
  4. I interviewed on the 19th and received an acceptance as well! Don't give up to those on the waiting list and good luck! :)
  5. This was my first time applying and it has been tough to receive seven rejections already. I enrolled in a Biology course for the Spring semester to prepare for the worst case scenario and was planning on taking other science courses in the Fall. However, I just received an interview this month and have been put on the waiting list for another interview. Taking the class would really stress me out more because of my full time job that requires a commute. I was wondering if I should just wait to see how this cycle goes with this interview and other potential interviews or would taking this clas
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