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  1. Yes. I am working on that one. It's the right goal to have and a lot of literature out there supports it.
  2. Everyone who gets into medical school had to do undergraduate, so if you did a 4 year undergrad and then 2 years PA masters you spent the extra two years. If you planned to go to med school in the first place, you're right, you did it the long way around. But there are those who didn't discover until later that they want to.
  3. What you are describing is competency based education and is a great educational path. If the student could demonstrate mastery of the didactice work within one year, you could move them onto clinical earlier. The difficulty lies in accreditation. Any change in a program that is greater than a 10% deviation from the standard curriculum requires preapproval from the accrediting body, quite a challange. So a program would need to be developed that allowed progression based on the demonstration of competency. Truely the right way to do it, but very difficulty to design and receive approval.
  4. One option is competency evaluations. Just like a pharmacist who returns to medical school, if they take a competency exam and pass it, they have completed the requirements for that course. In this case, PAs are the experts in history and physical examination. I think you would be hard pressed to find a PA who couldn't demonstrate competency and test out of the course.
  5. Hi Sorry for the delay in getitng back with you. Clinical experience will rank higher in the application process but anyone who is certified can apply and qualify as you will at least have had 1 year of clinical clerkships as required through ARC-PA. Thanks
  6. Hello Everyone, Let me try to clear up a little of what is going on with the Accelerated Physician Assistant Pathway (APAP) at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Being a PA myself, I had always heard of a medical school that offered an accelerated program for PA’s who wished to return to medical school. It always turned out to be an "urban legend" so I came to LECOM as a student in 1996. Being a DO and a PA gave me insight into the differences and similarities of the curricula and to design APAP. On May 22nd, we presented our curriculum request to our accrediting body, AOA COCA w
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